Research Areas - Signal Processing (SP)


  • Theory and Algorithms

    Adaptive signal processing, machine learning, and signal modeling; indexing, searching, and retrieval; Multirate and multi-channel processing; Restoration and enhancement; Signal analysis, identification, spectral estimation, and understanding; Signal representation, compression, coding, quantization and sampling; Statistical signal processing, detection, estimation, and classification; Watermarking, encryption, and data hiding; Wavelets, filter banks, time frequency techniques

  • Signal Processing Applications

    Audio, speech, image, and video processing; graphics; Biological & biomedical signals; Computer vision; Radar and lidar; Geophysical signals; Synthetic signals; Astronomical signals

  • Signal Processing Systems

    VLSI architectures; Embedded and real-time software; Capture, acquisition, and sensing; Sensor networks; Imaging; Auditory enhancement

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