Research Areas - Programming Systems (PS)


Many major projects carried out by the group in the past have had a big impact. UNIX. The PASCAL compiler was built here. Split C, a parallel version of C was done here. CCured, secure C, was done here. GPROF: profiling software.


  • Programming Language Design and Implementation:

    Compiler optimization. Semantics. JIT compilers. Domain-specific languages.

  • Programming Environments and Tools:

    Monitoring. Programmer search engines. Model-based design.

  • Program Analysis and Verification:

    Model checking. Static and dynamic analysis. Theorem proving. Schedulability analysis for real-time systems.

  • Software design, synthesis, and testing:

    Software design for parallel computing; for embedded systems; for numerical computing; for symbolic computing; for distributed computing. Software Testing. Sketching-based synthesis.

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