Research Areas - Physical Electronics (PHY)


  • Electromagnetics

    High frequency integrated circuit design, simulation, waveguides, and wireless channels.

  • Electronic Devices

    Integrated circuit devices, organic electronics, semiconductor technologies, and superconductive devices.

  • Micro/nano Fabrication

    Fabrication technologies for semiconductor, electromechanical, photonics, and other micrometer and nanometer-scale systems; advanced processing modules; integration of heterogeneous systems; process modeling and simulation; lithography; and advanced metrology and manufacturing systems.

  • Microelectromechanical Systems

    Electronic and biomedical applications, micro-robotics, resonators, sensors and actuators, and silicon structures.

  • Nanotechnology

    Carbon nanotubes, nanowires,molecular-scale structures, quantum dots, and biological materials.

  • Optoelectronics

    Lasers, light emitting diodes, optical detectors, optical tweezers, optical communication, and solar cells.

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