Master's Theses & Technical Reports - Borivoje Nikolic


Opportunities for Fine-Grained Adaptive Voltage Scaling to Improve System-Level Energy Efficiency
Ben Keller [2015]

Variability Characterization of Imaging Readout Integrated Circuits in Deeply Scaled CMOS
Amy Whitcombe [2015]

Modeling Radiation-Induced Soft Errors in Logic and the Overhead of Resiliency Techniques
Steven Bailey [2014]

SPLASH: Single-chip Planetary Low-power ASIC Spectrometer with High-resolution
Rachel Hochman [2014]

Time-Division Duplexing Solutions for Wireless Transcievers
Amanda Pratt [2014]

Low-Power Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Applications
Xiao Xiao [2012]

Resilient Design Methodology for Energy-Efficient SRAM
Brian Zimmer [2012]

Characterization of Variability in Deeply-Scaled Fully Depleted SOI Devices
Aikaterini Papadopoulou [2011]

A High-Throughput, Flexible LDPC Decoder for Multi-Gb/s Wireless Personal Area Networks
Matthew Weiner [2010]

Design of Flexible Soft Output MIMO Detector for Cooperative MIMO
Milos Jorgovanovic [2010]