Master's Theses & Technical Reports - Björn Hartmann

M.S. | 5th Year M.S. | M.Eng.


Bribecaster: Documenting Bribes Through Community Participation
Manas Mittal [2014]

Fantasktic: Improving Quality of Results for Novice Crowdsourcing Users
Philipp Gutheim [2012]

Location Privacy: User Behavior in the Field
Andrew Fisher [2012]

5th Year M.S.

Worker Expertise and Expert Rubrics in Crowdsourced Design Critique
Alvin Yuan [2015]

CrowdCritter: Strategies for Crowdsourcing Visual Design Critique
Wei Wu [2013]


Interactive Device Design with Kinoma Create
Steven Hong [2015]

Interactive Device Design with Kinoma Create
Sean McQueen [2015]

Interactive Device Design with Kinoma Create
Codanda Appachu [2015]

Improving User Experiences in Indoor Navigation Using Augmented Reality
Nahush Bhanage [2014]

Improving User Experiences in Indoor Navigation with Augmented Reality
Andrew Zhong [2014]

Ocular Cellscope
Christopher Echanique [2014]

Viability of Tensegrity Robots in Space Exploration
Cheng-yu Hong [2014]

Automatic Gesture Recognition and Tracking System for Physiotherapy
Aarthi Ravi [2013]

Design a Natural User Interface for Gesture Recognition Application
Zhaochen Liu [2013]

User Interface Issues of 3D Gesture Mobile Devices and Visual Feedback of Physiotherapy Application
Ryan Rho [2013]

Yun Jin [2012]

CrowdBrush: A Mobile Photo Editing Application with a Crowd Inside
Yin-Chia Yeh [2012]

CrowdBrush: A mobile photo-editing application with a crowd inside
Suryaveer Lodha [2012]

Crowdsourced Rotoscoping
Hanzhong Ye [2012]

Diabeats: Empowering Diabetics to Live Smartly
Rohan Nagesh [2012]

High Frequency Trading: Price Dynamics Models and Market Making Strategies
Cheng Lu [2012]

Viraj Kulkarni [2012]

HydraScope: Interaction and Application of Wall Sized Display
Hong Wu [2012]