Master's Theses & Technical Reports - David Allstot


A Low-noise Amplifier for Electrocardiogram Signals
Jonghun Kwak [2015]

Low-Noise Ring Amplifier with Thermal Noise Cancellation
Guanpeng Zhi [2015]

Ring-Amplification Technique for Bio-Signal LNA Designs
Zhiyang Song [2015]

9.7-ENOB SAR ADC for Compressed Sensing
Brian Wang [2014]

A Robust Compressed Sensing IC for Bio-Signals
Jun Kwang Oh [2014]

Compressed Sensing ICs for Bio-Sensor Applications
Kevin Park [2014]

DSP Chip of Compressed Sensing Algorithm for Bio-Sensor Application
Xinping Zhang [2014]

Next Generation Financial Guidance Tool
Feng Hai [2014]

Structural Health Monitoring For Unmanned Aerial Systems
Yong Keong Yap [2014]