Technical Reports - Felix F. Wu

Bifurcation and Chaos in Power Systems: A Survey (M90/98)
Pravin Varaiya, Felix F. Wu and H-D. Chiang

A Comprehensive Analysis of Distribution Automation Systems (M90/72)
L. Murphy and Felix F. Wu

An Object-Oriented Data Representation and Task Based Reasoning System for Energy Management Systems: A Proposal (M87/75)
A.F. Neyer, K. Imhof and Felix F. Wu

Stability Regions of Nonlinear Autonomous Dynamical Systems (M86/31)
H-D. Chiang, M.W. Hirsch and Felix F. Wu

Analytical Tools for System Restoration Conceptual Design (M85/70)
Felix F. Wu and A. Monticelli

Direct Methods for Transient Stability Analysis of Power Systems: Recent Results (M84/72)
Pravin Varaiya, Felix F. Wu and R-L. Chen

Stability, Security and Reliability of Interconnected Power Systems (M83/67)
Felix F. Wu

A Critical Review on External Network Modeling for On-line Security Analysis (M83/46)
Felix F. Wu and A. Monticelli