Technical Reports - Anant Sahai

GSM Whitespaces: An Opportunity for Rural Cellular Service (EECS-2013-198)
Shaddi Hasan, Kurtis Heimerl, Kate Harrison, Kashif Ali, Sean Roberts, Anant Sahai and Eric Brewer

Register everyone: on the whitespace use of wireless microphone channels, channel 37, and the soon-to-be guard bands (EECS-2013-4)
Kate Harrison and Anant Sahai

A bound for block codes with delayed feedback related to the sphere-packing bound (EECS-2009-61)
Harikrishna R Palaiyanur and Anant Sahai

How much white space is there? (EECS-2009-3)
Mubaraq Mishra and Anant Sahai

Cognitive Radios for Spectrum Sharing: Technical Appendices (EECS-2008-147)
Anant Sahai, Mubaraq Mishra, Rahul Tandra and Kristen Ann Woyach

Extended edition: What is a spectrum hole and what does it take to recognize one? (EECS-2008-110)
Rahul Tandra, Mubaraq Mishra and Anant Sahai

The price of certainty: "waterslide curves" and the gap to capacity (EECS-2008-1)
Anant Sahai and Pulkit Grover

The source coding game with a cheating switcher (EECS-2007-155)
Harikrishna R Palaiyanur, Cheng Chang and Anant Sahai

Binary additive channels with individual noise sequences and limited active feedback (EECS-2007-5)
Krishnan Eswaran, Anand D. Sarwate, Anant Sahai and Michael Gastpar

An Obstacle Avoidance Algorithm for a Car Pulling Many Trailers with Kingpin Hitching (M94/10)
Anant Sahai, M. Secor and L. Bushnell