Technical Reports - Ravi Ramamoorthi

Unified Multi-Cue Depth Estimation from Light-Field Images: Correspondence, Defocus, Shading, and Specularity (EECS-2015-174)
Michael Tao

Filtering Environment Illumination for Interactive Physically-Based Rendering in Mixed Reality (EECS-2015-164)
Soham Uday Mehta, Kihwan Kim, Dawid Pajak, Kari Pulli, Jan Kautz and Ravi Ramamoorthi

Fast 4D Sheared Filtering for Interactive Rendering of Distribution Effects (EECS-2014-174)
Ling-Qi Yan, Soham Uday Mehta, Ravi Ramamoorthi and Fredo Durand

On Relating Visual Elements to City Statistics (EECS-2013-157)
Sean Arietta, Maneesh Agrawala and Ravi Ramamoorthi

A Fast Filter for Physically-Based Rendering (EECS-2013-118)
Brandon Wang

Sparse Reconstruction of Visual Appearance for Computer Graphics and Vision (EECS-2011-86)
Ravi Ramamoorthi

A Theory of Photometric Reconstruction for Unknown Isotropic Reflectances (EECS-2010-176)
Manmohan Chandraker, Jiamin Bai and Ravi Ramamoorthi

From the Rendering Equation to Stratified Light Transport Inversion (EECS-2010-151)
Tian-Tsong Ng, Ramanpreet Singh Pahwa, Jiamin Bai, Kar-Han Tan and Ravi Ramamoorthi

A Dual Theory of Inverse and Forward Light Transport (EECS-2010-101)
Jiamin Bai, Manmohan Chandraker, Tian-Tsong Ng and Ravi Ramamoorthi

Sparsely Precomputing The Light Transport Matrix for Real-Time Rendering (EECS-2010-79)
Fu-Chung Huang and Ravi Ramamoorthi