Technical Reports - George Necula

SJS: a Typed Subset of JavaScript with Fixed Object Layout (EECS-2015-10)
Philip Wontae Choi, Satish Chandra, George Necula and Koushik Sen

MultiSE: Multi-Path Symbolic Execution using Value Summaries (EECS-2014-173)
Koushik Sen, George Necula, Liang Gong and Philip Wontae Choi

A model and framework for reliable build systems (EECS-2012-27)
Derrick Coetzee, Anand Bhaskar and George Necula

NDetermin: Inferring Nondeterministic Sequential Specifications for Parallelism Correctness (EECS-2011-143)
Jacob Burnim, Tayfun Elmas, George Necula and Koushik Sen

Reverse Execution With Constraint Solving (EECS-2011-67)
Raluca Sauciuc and George Necula

The Parallel Computing Laboratory at U.C. Berkeley: A Research Agenda Based on the Berkeley View (EECS-2008-23)
Krste Asanovic, Ras Bodik, James Demmel, Tony Keaveny, Kurt Keutzer, John D. Kubiatowicz, Edward A. Lee, Nelson Morgan, George Necula, David A. Patterson, Koushik Sen, John Wawrzynek, David Wessel and Katherine A. Yelick

Shape Analysis with Structural Invariant Checkers (EECS-2007-80)
Bor-Yuh Evan Chang, Xavier Rival and George Necula

Dependent Types for Low-Level Programming (EECS-2006-129)
Jeremy Paul Condit, Matthew Thomas Harren, Zachary Ryan Anderson, David Gay and George Necula

Analysis of Low-Level Code Using Cooperating Decompilers (EECS-2006-86)
Bor-Yuh Evan Chang, Matthew Thomas Harren and George Necula

Precise Interprocedural Analysis using Random Interpretation (Revised version) (CSD-04-1353)
Sumit Gulwani and George C. Necula

Path-Sensitive Analysis for Linear Arithmetic and Uninterpreted Functions (CSD-04-1325)
Sumit Gulwani and George C. Necula

Global Value Numbering Using Random Interpretation (Full version) (CSD-03-1296)
Sumit Gulwani and George C. Necula

A Randomized Satisfiability Procedure for Arithmetic and Uninterpreted Function Symbols (Full Version) (CSD-03-1241)
Sumit Gulwani and George C. Necula

Proof Optimization Using Lemma Extraction (CSD-01-1143)
S. P. Rahul and George C. Necula