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      and Computer Sciences

Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences


UC Berkeley


Technical Reports - Dan Garcia

Infusing Parallelism into Introductory Computer Science Curriculum using MapReduce (EECS-2008-34)
Matthew Johnson, Robert H. Liao, Alexander Rasmussen, Ramesh Sridharan, Dan Garcia and Brian K. Harvey

The Weiner Lecture Archives : An Ontology-Driven Interface for Viewing Synchronized Lectures and Notes (EECS-2007-135)
Gene Zhang, Sean Carr, Sameer Iyengar, Hava Edelstein, Albert Liu and Dan Garcia

REGIS: A Tool for Building and Distributing Personalized Practice Problems (EECS-2012-101)
Albert Segars

Advanced Digital Animation Curriculum Development: An Interdisciplinary Approach (EECS-2009-90)
Jeremy R Huddleston

Computer Science Illustrated (EECS-2009-79)
Ketrina Yim