Patents - 2008

Backpressure Mechanism for Switch Fabric
John Musacchio, Jean Walrand, Roy Myers, Shyam Parekh, Jeonghoon Mo and Gaurav Agarwal
U.S. Patent 7,426,185. September 2008

High speed signaling system with adaptive transmit pre-emphasis
Vladimir M. Stojanovic, Andrew C. C. Ho, Anthony Bessios, Fred F. Chen, Elad Alon and Mark A. Horowitz
U.S. Patent 7,423,454. September 2008

Semiconductor device with raised segment
Hao Yu Chen, Yee Chia Yeo, Fu Liang Yang and Chenming Hu
U.S. Patent 7,423,323. September 2008

Controlled process and resulting device
Francois J. Henley and Nathan W. Cheung
U.S. Patent 7,410,887. August 2008

Methods of and apparatuses for controlling process profiles
Kameshwar Poolla and Costas J. Spanos
U.S. Patent 7,403,834. July 2008

System and method for performing memory operations in a computing system
Steven C. Miller, Martin M. Deneroff, Curt F. Schimmel, Larry Rudolph, Charles E. Leiserson, Bradley C. Kuszmaul and Krste Asanović
U.S. Patent 7,398,359. July 2008

High performance semiconductor devices fabricated with strain-induced processes and method for making same
Chung Hu Ke, Wen Chin Lee, Yee Chia Yeo, Chih Hsin Ko and Chenming Hu
U.S. Patent 7,394,136. July 2008

Controlled cleaving process
Francois J. Henley and Nathan W. Cheung
U.S. Patent 7,371,660. May 2008

SOI chip with recess-resistant buried insulator and method of manufacturing the same
Yee Chia Yeo and Chenming Hu
U.S. Patent 7,372,107. May 2008

High performance piezoelectric actuator
Robert J. Wood, Ronald S. Fearing and Jacoby L. Hickerson
U.S. Patent 7,368,860. May 2008

Relaxed silicon germanium substrate with low defect density
Chun Chieh Lin, Yee Chia Yeo, Chien Chao Huang, Chao Hsiung Wang, Tien Chih Chang, Chenming Hu, Fu Liang Yang, Shih Chang Chen, Mong Song Liang and Liang Gi Yao
U.S. Patent 7,357,838. April 2008

Methods of forming semiconductor devices with high-k gate dielectric
Chun Chieh Lin, Wen chin Lee, Chenming Hu, Shang Chih Chen, Chih Hao Wang, Fu Liang Yang and Yee Chia Yeo
U.S. Patent 7,354,830. April 2008

Optical system applicable to improving the dynamic range of Shack-Hartmann sensors
Hyuck Choo and Richard S. Muller
U.S. Patent 7,355,793. April 2008

Method of forming a capacitor that includes forming a bottom electrode in a strained silicon layer
Yee Chia Yeo and Chenming Hu
U.S. Patent 7,354,843. April 2008

Method and device for controlled cleaving process
Francois J. Henley and Nathan W. Cheung
U.S. Patent 7,348,258. March 2008

Fast router and hardware-assisted fast routing method
Andre DeHon, Randy Huang and John Wawrzynek
U.S. Patent 7,342,414. March 2008

Strained silicon MOS devices
Chien Chao Huang, Chung Hu Ge, Wen Chin Lee, Chenming Hu, Carlos H. Diaz and Fu Liang Yang
U.S. Patent 7,342,289. March 2008

Transistor with a strained region and method of manufacture
Chun Chieh Lin, Wen Chin Lee, Yee Chia Yeo and Chenming Hu
U.S. Patent 7,335,929. February 2008

Sketch-based multi-query processing over data streams
Alin Dobra, Johannes Gehrke, Rajeev Rastogi and Minos Garofalakis
U.S. Patent 7,328,220. February 2008

Semiconductor-on-insulator chip with<100>-oriented transistors
Fu Liang Yang, Yee Chia Yeo, Hung Wei Chen, Tim Tsao and Chenming Hu
U.S. Patent 7,319,258. January 2008

Deficit-based striping algorithm
Gaurav Agarwal, John T. Musacchio, Jeonghoon Mo and Jean Walrand
U.S. Patent 7,319,695. January 2008