Patents - Ming C. Wu

MEMS tunable capacitor based on angular vertical comb drives
Ming C. Wu, Hung D. Nguyen, Doo-Young Hah and Pamela R. Patterson
U.S. Patent 7,085,122. August 2006

Wavelength-selective 1.times.N2 switches with two-dimensional input-output fiber arrays
Ming-Chiang Wu and Jui-Che Tsai
U.S. Patent 7,072,539. July 2006

Stress bimorph MEMS switches and methods of making same
Robert N. Schwartz, Ming Wu, Tsung-Yuan Hsu, Adele E. Schmitz, Robert Y. Loo, James H. Schaffner and Gregory L. Tangonan
U.S. Patent 7,053,737. May 2006

Systems and methods for optical actuation of microfluidics based on opto-electrowetting
Pei Yu Chiou and Ming C. Wu
U.S. Patent 6,958,132. October 2005

Micromachined optomechanical switches
Ming C. Wu, Li Fan and Anis Husain
U.S. Patent 6,526,198. February 2003

Micromachined optomechanical switches
Ming Wu, Li Fan and Anis Husain
U.S. Patent 6,498,870. December 2002

Method and apparatus for mode locking of external cavity semiconductor lasers with saturable Bragg reflectors
Ming C. Wu and Ji-Lin Shen
U.S. Patent 6,449,301. September 2002

Free-space integrated micro-pickup head for optical data storage and a micro-optical bench
Ming C. Wu and Lih-Yuan Lin
U.S. Patent 5,646,928. July 1997

Highly efficient, ultrafast optical-to-electrical converter and method of operating the same
Ming-Chiang Wu and Tatsuo Itoh
U.S. Patent 5,572,014. November 1996

Method of making an article comprising a periodic heteroepitaxial semiconductor structure
Young-Kai Chen, Minghwei Hong, Joseph P. Mannaerts and Ming-Chiang Wu
U.S. Patent 5,213,995. May 1993

Article comprising a strained layer quantum well laser
Young-Kai Chen, Maurice A. Chin, Jenn-Ming Kuo, Arthur M. Sergent and Ming-Chiang Wu
U.S. Patent 5,212,704. May 1993

Method of making a semiconductor laser
Young-Kai Chen, Minghwei Hong and Ming-Chiang Wu
U.S. Patent 5,208,183. May 1993

Circuit including bistable, bipolar transistor
Won-Tien Tsang and Ming-Chiang Wu
U.S. Patent 5,153,693. October 1992

Apparatus comprising a laser adapted for emission of single mode radiation having low transverse divergence
Young-Kai Chen, Minghwei Hong and Ming-Chiang Wu
U.S. Patent 5,088,099. February 1992

Apparatus comprising optical pulse-generating means
Young-Kai Chen and Ming-Chiang Wu
U.S. Patent 5,040,183. August 1991