Patents - Kannan Ramchandran

Data transport acceleration and management within a network communication system
Sungwon Ha, Sung-wook Han, Tae-eun Kim, Vaduvur Bharghavan, Upamanyu Madhow and Kannan Ramchandran
U.S. Patent 7,099,273. August 2006

Data transmission using arithmetic coding based continuous error detection
Kannan Ramchandran, Jim Chou and Igor Kozintsev
U.S. Patent 6,418,549. July 2002

Section division operating point determination method for multicarrier communication systems
Brian Scott Krongold, Kannan Ramchandran and Douglas L. Jones
U.S. Patent 6,400,773. June 2002

JPEG/MPEG decoder-compatible optimized thresholding for image and video signal compression
Kannan Ramchandran, Martin Vetterli, Yanbin Yu and Dimitris Anastassiou
U.S. Patent 5,734,755. March 1998

Multiresolution digital television broadcast system
Kannan Ramchandran, Kamil M. Uz and Martin F. Vetterli
U.S. Patent 5,267,021. November 1993

Circuit for digitally adding loss to a signal
Kimerie W. Javitt and Kannan Ramchandran
U.S. Patent 5,237,591. August 1993