Faculty Publications - Marti Hearst

Book chapters or sections

  • M. Hearst, "User interfaces and visualization," in Modern Information Retrieval, R. Baeza-Yates and B. Ribeiro-Neto, Eds., Harlow, England: ACM Press/Addison-Wesley Longman Publishing Co., 1999, pp. 257-323.

Articles in journals or magazines

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Technical Reports


Talks or presentations

  • M. Hearst, "Education and Research at UC Berkeley School of Information (Invited Talk)," in Proc. 2008 Intl. Conf. on Informatics Education and Research for Development of Knowledge-Circulating Society (ICKS '08), S. Kurohashi, Y. Sumi, Y. Makamura, and K. Tanaka, Eds., presented at International Conference on Informatics Education and Research for Knowledge-Circulating Society, Kyoto, Japan, Jan. 2008.