Ph.D. Dissertations - Eli Yablonovitch

Optical Antenna Enhanced Spontaneous Emission in Semiconductors
Kevin Messer [2016]

Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording: Fundamental Limits to Inverse Electromagnetic Design
Samarth Bhargava [2015]

Optical Design Considerations for High Conversion Efficiency in Photovoltaics
Vidya Ganapati [2015]

Nanodiamond Imaging: a New Molecular Imaging Approach
Alex Hegyi [2013]

Spontaneous Emission Rate Enhancement Using Optical Antennas
Nikhil Kumar [2013]

Photonic Design: From Fundamental Solar Cell Physics to Computational Inverse Design
Owen Miller [2012]

Reinventing the PN junction: Dimensionality Effects on Tunneling Switches
Sapan Agarwal [2012]

Circuit Analysis in Metal-Optics, Theory and Applications
Matteo Staffaroni [2011]

Transistor-Based Ge/SOI Photodetector for Integrated Silicon Photonics
Xi Luo [2011]