Community of EECS Undergraduate Women

To foster a sense of community among women undergraduates, the Center for Undergraduate Matters sponsors an office for women undergraduates, 292 Cory Hall, as well as speakers and workshops targeting lower-division women students. A Big/Little Sister Mentoring Program is available in which entering freshmen may request an upper-division student to offer informal advice and information on classes and other EECS matters. The Center also sponsors a lunch once per month for EECS undergraduates in AUWICSEE and graduate women in WICSE, our graduate women's organization.

Women in Science & Engineering (WiSE) Residence Theme Program
The WiSE Theme Program located in the Foothill complex aims to provide a living and learning environment for women students with a strong interest in math, science and engineering. Its goal is to maximize WiSE students' awareness and understanding of their potential fields. In the classroom, WiSE students will likely be taking common, basic courses in mathematics, chemistry, computer science, and physics together. Outside the classroom, WiSE students will continue to learn from their peers, and receive specialized advising and mentoring that will assist them in their transition to Cal. Continuing WiSE students serve as peer mentors for incoming freshmen and transfer students.

Women in Undergraduate Research
To encourage undergraduate women to engage in research, we sponsor an undergraduate research workshop series each semester, and offer updated online information on
undergraduate research events and programs, including the College of Engineering's Undergraduate Research Opportunities (URO) Program. Recent undergraduate women's research achievements have ranged from research programs both on campus and elsewhere, to research scholarship awards. April has officially been named as Undergraduate Research Month on the Berkeley campus and EECS organizes a poster session every year on Cal Day highlighting undergraduate research.

The UC Berkeley Virtual Development Center (VDC), in collaboration with the Institute for Women in Technology engages undergraduate women in the design of technology for women.  For more information on spring semester projects please refer to the User Interface (CS 160) projects webpage: