UC Berkeley REU Theme and Research Areas


Summer Undergraduate Program in Engineering Research at
Berkeley-Information Technology for Sustainability

EECS Department, University of California at Berkeley

The UC Berkeley Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS) CISE REU site focuses on SUPERB–Information Technology for Sustainability (ITS). Energy is a springboard to all aspects of sustainability; energy production and use represent one of the most critical technological challenges of our era. The energy and sustainability theme of our REU site offers students the chance to engage in the solution of a crucial problem for their generation and beyond. Energy Infrastructure for the 21st Century is a computing systems problem. The IT for Sustainability research theme includes a range of research projects including optimal control of building systems; energy efficient air traffic control; mobile sensing to assess health impacts of traffic; energy management systems to reduce waste in buildings; and personalized real-time footprint tracking for energy management. This research theme presents a basic opportunity for undergraduates to get involved in new research that combines intellectual merit and technical opportunities with very broad impact: the possibility of improving the environment, the quality of people's lives, and has direct application to our national interests.

Below find a subset of the EECS' research areas that align with the SUPERB 2014 theme Information Technology for Sustainability.