Photos from Fly to Berkeley Visit Day

April 20-21, 2001
At the EJC Semiformal!

Debbie & Heidi

Ellen, Debbie, Heidi & Padmini

April 24-25, 2001

The entire group outside of Soda Hall

Group photo at the AUWICSEE tea

Tea pics with Mingjane & Ellen

Karen and her EE192 project - electronic car

Ashley and Yun and some tell-tale shopping bags...

Pardon me, could you pass the Orangina?

More tea pictures

Stephanie and the car

Lindsey and Dr. Valerie Taylor (Berkeley aluma and professor from Northwestern University)

Ashley, Sheila and Dr. Taylor

Star Party!

Star Party again...

At Daruma

Lindsey, Susan and Yun

Sasha & Adelina in search of quality pizza

On the night shuttle

Yun and Elizabeth

Charlie's Angels?