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Fourth level
Fifth level
All dft reasons why for you a good choice or maybe not…quickly read thru, you decide if impt for you…
Prep for grad school, enhance skills, enrich education
(Fac:useful for various reasons…support here, potential recommendations)
Thinking about all that…determined yes on research
**Relevant to any research
Question of when research, is personal decision-base on previous, mostly junior/senior-  Earlier ok-mike kurylo will speak to this…
A few ways to start thinking about what areas interest you
1)classes, ed experiences…what intrigues you, what are you good at
***Don’t go into this thinking that what you choose to research will be your path from this point forward…undergrad as opportunity to familiar with ACT of research, so open to possibilities, ok if not sure
2)Exposure to new areas…attend lectures, seminars, col. – dpmts announce…
3)Browse research sums, eecs has this book, browse web-areas, and faculty web pages, ask your department
4)Not just your dpmt….a lot of crossover within engin
*Get general feel for research environment, and at same time feel for that particular research group
Talk to grad/undergrad in groups-ask questions about the work, what their day is like, so forth
After narrowed down areas…ready to think of securing placement (or talking with faculty about opportunities) If faculty u comf with, chat with them about potential faculty or research for you to get involved in, even if not them *Aquant self with their research, as said earlier (read faculty websites, recent publications) before meeting them
Office hours are best…web, office door, dpmt.
Have agenda… AGENDA MIGHT DIFFER DEPENDING on what looking for…Might have particular project/idea in mind, might want assistance, other times might just want to get into what is happening in the research lab
either way is appropriate, but be clear-
Specific re: interests, quals, etc.
May want Statement of interest, resume, etc.
Come prepared and be persistent!
PERSISTENT:if in eecs dpmt meeting yesterday, heard malik: More appropriate word is pro-active…you are going to need to make this happen independently, opportunities while sometimes might come right to you, need to be sought out…be respectful of faculty and their time, but also know that you will need to seek them out and follow up with them!
“Relationships”-beneficial for research exper, and for potential recommendations-want them to know you Communicate-Make sure getting what you need-clear goals that are reachable in the time frame you have (talk about this)
Grad students:Observe how they go about research-learn from shadowing
Learning curve so you can really get down to work
 present research to your group, also poster sessions (coe poster session once a semester) Publish your work? various avenues for submitting research to journals, etc. info about this on main research.berkeley.edu website…address a few slides coming…
URO-engin-hear about this in few moments
Urap-campus wide-research opportunities, all colleges-apps available today, due 9/6
CRA-w-mainly geared to women, all welcome, teams of undergrads
Haas-scholars program-campus wide-advisors to talk with you about getting started in research (even if not in haas) check website for other opportunities
Units for 99 and 199-mostly 199
Summer programs:SUPERB
Many universities and research institutions offer special programs to attract emerging scholars and to introduce undergraduates to research in a specific field. Some programs include stipends for travel and lodging
Find on research website
There are workshops on research, proposals…view at research.berkeley.edu
If take anything from this…these two websites, find what you are looking for.
Last years on line…this will be on line within next week
Hopefully excited to have such great opportunities available, wonderful faculty, research taking place