SRC Undergraduate Research Program - Fall 2009

Alex Guo
Project Title: BackBias Assisted Band to Band Tunneling
Faculty Mentor: Tsu-Jae King Liu
Graduate Student Mentor: Peter Matheu

Judy Hoffman
Project Title: Automated Catheter Displacement Detection
Faculty Mentor: Ken Goldberg

Tuen Yin (Patrick) Kwong
Project Title: 4T/7T Relay Simulations
Faculty Mentor: Tsu-Jae King Liu
Graduate Student Mentor: Jaeseok Jeon

Cooper Levy
Project Title: Variability-Aware Standard Cell Timing Models
Faculty Mentor: Andy Neureuther
Graduate Student Mentor: Eric Chin

Andrew Mairena
Project Title: Analysis of the Relationship Between Random Signal and Negative Bias Temperature Instability
Faculty Mentor: Brivoje Nikolic
Graduate Student Mentor: Seng Oon Toh

Uppili Srinivasan Raghunathan
Project Title: Simulation and Characterization of Heterojunction TFETS
Faculty Mentor: Chenming Hu
Graduate Student Mentor: Anupama Bowonder

Kai Song
Project Title: Matlab Interface in C++
Faculty Mentor: Sayeef Salahuddin
Graduate Student Mentor: Kartik Ganapathi

Eduard Tuchfeld
Project Title: Nanomagnetic Computing Research
Faculty Mentor: Jeff Bokor
Graduate Student Mentor: David Carlton

Jinghao Yan
Project Title: Optimizations on Character-level Taint Tracking for Java
Faculty Mentor: David Wagner
Graduate Student Mentor: Erika Chin

Maxwell Zheng
Project Title: Metal-catalyzed crystallization of amorphous carbon for graphene formation
Faculty Mentor: Ali Javey
Graduate Student Mentor: Xiaobo Zhang

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