Intel Undergraduate Research Program Fall 2008

Emmanuel Adeagbo
Project Title: Evaluation of SRAM Robustness
Faculty Mentor: Professor Bora Nikolic
Graduate Student Mentor: Zheng Guo

Aileen Chen
Project Title: Rendering Algorithms for Tele-Immersion
Faculty Mentor: Ruzena Bajcsy
Graduate Student Mentor: Ram Vasudevan

Judy Hoffman
Project Title: Collaborative Observatories for Natural Environments
Faculty Mentor: Ken Goldberg
Graduate Student Mentor: Yan

Angela Hsueh
Project Title: Assessment of Gate-sidewall Storage FinFETs for (Non-volatile and Dynamic Random Access) Memory Applications
Faculty Mentor: Tsu-Jae King Liu
Graduate Student Mentors: Dr. Alvaro Padilla & Chun Wing Yeung

Cesar Julaton III
Project Title: Characterization of Spintronic Semiconductors Fabricated by Ion Implantation and Pulsed-Laser Melting
Faculty Mentor: Oscar Dubon

Numa Perez
Project Title: System architecture for brain-machine interfaces
Faculty Mentor: José Carmena
Graduate Student Mentor: Amy Osborne

Lifan Zhang
Project Title: PAR :Lab
Faculty Mentor: Randy Katz