EECS Department Graduate Student Parent Policy

  1. Allow student parents to request "part time" status for some period of time (all full time benefits would still hold):

  2. Avoid scheduling classes, exams, seminars and group meetings on weekends, before 9am or after 5pm; encourage videotaping of important seminars and classes, especially those that meet outside these hours.

  1. Provide new parents with several options for up to two semesters following the birth or adoption of a child:

  2. Normative time should be adjusted accordingly: stop the clock or slow it in the case of part time status.

  1. Allow pregnant women to request part time student status.

  2. For 4 weeks before the woman's due date and for 6 weeks after birth:

    Confirmation of Student Parent Policy
    by Vice Chairman for Graduate Matters, Andy Neureuther

    "In the Grad Office we have assumed that the parent policy discussed at the faculty retreat is in effect and responded during the Fall 1994 semester on this basis to at least one and possibly a second request by a student."