Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences 
honored WICSE and our graduates by hosting the 

25th Anniversary Celebration of this vibrant organization on 
Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Special Thanks to Sponsors


A Message from Mary Ann Mason, Dean of the Graduate Division:

I must quickly point out that I am neither an alumna of Berkeley nor, by any stretch of the imagination, an engineer. But I consider it an honor indeed, as Dean of the Graduate Division, to congratulate WICSE and who all support it, not only for overcoming a variety of odds and surviving for a quarter-century, but for providing an extraordinary resource for many women at a critical point in their lives. You have also raised issues and consciousness extending far beyond your starting point, helping change policies at Berkeley and across the nation. All students, graduate and undergraduate, female and male, parents or childless, may encounter life-changing circumstances while their academic training is in progress, and WICSE’s members and volunteers have helped them and their schools address these situations realistically and compassionately. We salute you all.

Mary Ann Mason
Dean of the Graduate Division
University of California, Berkeley

    On September 10, 2003 WICSE celebrated twenty-five plus years of activism and advocacy on behalf of women studying electrical engineering and computer sciences. Initiated when a handful of women were pursuing graduate degrees in CS and EE, WICSE has made a critical difference by fostering positive changes in the Berkeley EECS Department. WICSE students have affected both policy and programs. 
    While the core WICSE activity is a Friday lunch meeting which continues today, WICSE instigated the CS Reentry Program, formulated the Student Parent Policy, conducted longitudinal survey on doctoral attrition, and designed the two-way Graduate Student Review which incorporates student input to faculty advisors. 
    WICSE members have coordinated six student conferences, pressed for hiring women faculty, and actively recruited and mentored new women graduate students through the Big Sister Program. The EECS Department expresses deep appreciation for WICSE's invaluable contribution to both women students and the larger community.