EECS Undergraduate Faculty Advising



What to Bring to Faculty Advising at a Glance

Steps to Register:

Step 1. Print and complete the Tele-BEARS form

Step 2. Print and complete one of the following EECS Degree Worksheets:

Step 3. Print a copy of your Bear Facts UNOFFICIAL transcript.

Step 4. Take the above three documents to your faculty advising session.

Step 5. Your Faculty Adviser will give you your adviser code.

Step 6. Register for courses through Tele-BEARS.

Step 7. Report any changes to your technical program to your Student Affairs Adviser in 230 Bechtel.

** Fall 2015 Graduating Seniors should make an appointment with their Student Affairs Adviser in 230 Bechtel for a FINAL DEGREE CHECK **

NOTE: You will not receive your advising code until you have been advised by a faculty member.

Questions about this page, email EECS Faculty Advising (faculty-advising@eecs)