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The EECS Minor, offered through the College of Engineering, is an optional program that encourages coherence in the work students undertake outside their major. It is intended for students who have an interest in electrical engineering and computer engineering. Students interested in computer science should consider the Computer Science Minor offered by the College of Letters and Science.

Course Requirements

The course requirements for the EECS minor are:

  • EE 20 or EE 16A
  • EE 40 or EE 16B or (Physics 7B and EE 42) or EE 100
  • CS 61A or E 7
  • CS 61B or CS 61C
  • Any three upper division courses in EECS, for a minimum 9 units.

These courses must be taken for a letter grade; none may be taken Passed/Not Passed.

  • EE 42 and EE 100 may be substituted for EE 40, but will not fulfill the prerequisite requirements of upper division courses that call for EE 40. EE 100 may not serve as one of the upper division courses.
  • E 7 may be substituted for CS 61A, but will not fulfill the prerequisite requirements of the upper division courses that call for CS 61A.
  • Only one overlapping upper division course will be allowed between the student's declared major and the EECS minor. Please note the following EXCEPTION: College of Letters and Science Computer Science majors may NOT count upper division computer science courses toward the minor.

NOTE: EE42/43/100 will no longer be offered beginning Spring 2014. Students who've taken either course before Spring 2014 will be able to use the course(s) to satisfy the requirement.

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Eligibility Requirements

Admission Requirements:

The EECS Minor is open to any undergraduate who has:

  • Declared a major (not EECS) on the UC Berkeley campus
  • Completed 2 of the 4 lower division course requirements
  • A GPA of at least 3.0 at the time of applying

  • Applicants with only one semester remaining are not admitted

Graduation Requirements:

To be given credit for the EECS minor, undergraduates must:

  • Fulfill all course requirements
  • Maintain a GPA of at least 2.0 in the required upper division EECS courses
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Application Process

Submit the following to Dahlia Case in 205 Cory or via email (dahliacase@eecs):

  • Completed Petition Form
  • Transcript
  • Course Plan – Proposed course schedule for current semester until graduation.
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Graduation Details

Upon completion of course requirements:

  • Complete the Confirmation of Completion Form
  • Submit form to Dahlia Case in 205 Cory or via email (dahliacase@eecs) for verification
    Note: This should be done no later than two weeks before the end of the semester.
  • A notation in the memorandum section of the student's transcript will indicate completion of the EECS minor.
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Contact Information

Dahlia Case , EECS Minor Advisor
Center for Student Affairs
University of California, Berkeley
Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Department
205 Cory Hall #1770
Berkeley, CA 94720-1770

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Center for Student Affairs