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Pathways for Undergraduate Women in EECS

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Pathways for Undergraduate Women in Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences

The EECS Diversity Programs, working closely with the EECS Center for Student Affairs have established a strong program to encourage and support undergraduate women students. We focus on five core activities to achieve this goal:


CS Kickstart

CS Kickstart is a one-week free summer program for incoming freshmen girls who are interested in EECS. CS Kickstart participants will...

No programming experience is necessary, and all food, housing, and activities for the week are absolutely FREE! For more information, visit http://cs-kickstart.berkeley.edu.

CS Scholars

The UC Berkeley Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences invites you to apply to the CS Scholars program! CS Scholars offers a "home" within Cal for undeclared Letters and Science students interested in the computer science major. In this program, students will receive comprehensive, tailored support based on their individual needs, including a cohort-based discussion section for CS 61A and CS 61B, advising, study groups and a community of fellow students interested in computer science. CS Scholars is a diverse community of Berkeley students (in terms of their ethnic, academic, cultural and economic backgrounds) committed to the success of one another. http://www.eecs.berkeley.edu/csugrad/scholars.shtml

Student Organizations


The Association of Women in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (AWE) is a student organization at UC Berkeley that supports fellow undergraduate women interested in CS or EE to succeed in aspects. AWE hosts various academic, social, and outreach events throughout the academic year. http://www-inst.eecs.berkeley.edu/~auwicsee/


The Society of Women Engineers encompasses women engineers in all departments of Berkeley Engineering and is an official chapter of the national SWE organization.  The UC Berkeley student chapter has been established for approximately 30 years and supports students through professional development, social events and outreach to young women interested in engineering and science. http://swe.berkeley.edu

Weekly lunches hosted by AWE & WICSE

The EECS graduate women’s organization, Women in Computer Science and AWE both have weekly lunches each Friday. All EECS undergraduate women are invited to have lunch with their peers, learn about graduate school, and meet professional women in EECS. http://www-inst.eecs.berkeley.edu/~wicse/

Big Sister/Little Sister Mentoring Program

The Big/Little Sister Mentoring Program provides a framework for EECS women to develop and sustain mentoring relationships by matching incoming freshman women with upper division women. As new students, little sisters connect with their big sister mentors during the summer before they begin at UC Berkeley and receive personalized academic or social support when needed. Throughout the academic year, little sisters receive advice, encouragement, information, and insight from experienced peers. Big sisters, in turn, gain satisfaction and knowledge from guiding fellow students while fostering a sense of collegiality. http://www.eecs.berkeley.edu/Programs/ugrad/UgradWomen/bigsismentoring.htm

Other Resources for EECS Women

Email questions or comments to Tiffany Reardon (treardon@berkeley)

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