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ISQED 2009, First General Meeting for EWH, Idea Lab Kickoff

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A-B-C's of Grad School: Getting Started Workshop, Why Go to Graduate School and How to Get into the Program of your Dreams, The Five Year Bachelor/Master's Program, Alpha Kappa Psi, Google Lightning Talks, Tech Talk by Bill Schilit, Data Domain Student Recruitment, Microsoft Tech Talk

GenEq, Renters' Legal Assistance

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EE C145B

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Venture Lab Prize

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Unit 501, Live Current, The Arkin Group, Cornerstone Research

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ISQED 2009
10th Anniversary of International Symposium & Exhibits on QUALITY ELECTRONIC DESIGN
March 16-18, 2009.
San Jose, CA, USA

Leading Electronic Design for Quality & Manufacturability™ Paper Submission Deadline: Oct. 17, 2008 Acceptance Notifications: November 24, 2008 Final Camera-Ready paper: January 2, 2009 A pioneer and leading multidisciplinary conference, ISQED accepts and promotes papers related to the Electronic Design, Design for Manufacturing, and Design Automation with focus on design quality. Authors are invited to submit papers in the various disciplines of circuit design, high level design, test & verification, design automation tools; processes; flows, device modeling, semiconductor technology, and advance IC packaging. A list of topics include:

Submission of Papers
Paper submission must be done on-line via the conference web site at Authors should submit FULL-LENGTH, original, unpublished papers (Minimum 4, maximum 6 pages) along with an abstract of about 200 words. Please check the as-printed appearance of your paper before uploading. To permit a blind review, do not include name(s) or affiliation(s) of the author(s) on the manuscript and abstract. The complete contact author information needs to be entered separately. The guidelines for the final paper format are provided in the conference web site at in the author resources section. Authors of the submitted papers must register and attend the conference for their paper to be published.

The International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED), is a premier Design & Design Automation conference, aimed at bridging the gap between and integration of, electronic design tools and processes, integrated circuit technologies, processes & manufacturing, to achieve design quality. ISQED is the pioneer and leading conference dealing with design for manufacturability and quality issues front-to-back. The conference provides a forum to present and exchange ideas and to promote the research, development, and application of design techniques & methods, design processes, and EDA design methodologies and tools that address issues which impact the quality of the realization of designs into physical integrated circuits. The conference attendees are primarily designers of the VLSI circuits & systems (IP & SoC), those involved in the research, development, and application of EDA/CAD Tools & design flows, process/device technologists, and semiconductor manufacturing specialists including equipment vendors. ISQED emphasizes a holistic approach toward design quality and intends to highlight and accelerate cooperation among the IC Design, EDA, Semiconductor Process Technology and Manufacturing communities.

The officers of Engineering World Health hope your first week at Cal this year has been a smooth transition and an awesome time. New and interested parties, thank you all for stopping by our table at Calapalooza last week. Returning members, welcome back! This semester is going to be an exciting time of growth and innovation as we continue to work towards global health, especially for those who are medically underserved. Here's the low down on EWH's first couple events:

First General Meeting 9/11 7PM at 229 Dwinelle Come to learn more about EWH; we will discuss who we are and what we do and and will be available to answer questions. If you're interested in joining us, this is how to do it! Yummy free food will be provided.

Idea Lab Kickoff
9/17 6PM at 340 Hearst Memorial Mining Building

Join us for the commencement of the new collaboration for point-of-care diagnostics design! Our main goal is to design and develop point-of-care diagnostic systems that are inexpensive and efficient, which will significantly impact the developing world, working alongside grad students and faculty. At our kickoff, we will be discussing the Idea Lab's current and future plans. Come for general information about the lab and how you can get involved! We hope to see you all soon!


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A-B-C's of Grad School: Getting Started Workshop
Date: September 9, 2008
Where: 277 Cory
Speaker: Professor Hellerstein, Vice-Chair for Graduate Matters
Refreshments! courtesy of Intel
co-sponsored by IEEE and HKN

Professor Amin Vahdat (EE alumnus)
UC San Diego
Title: "Why Go to Graduate School and How to Get into the Program of your Dreams"
Thursday Sept. 11
5 to 6 pm, in 310 Soda Hall

Bio: Amin Vahdat is an alumni of UC Berkeley with a BS in EECS and a PhD in Computer Science. He is also a member of the Berkeley chapter of both Eta Kappa Nu and Tau Beta Pi. Vahdat is now a Professor and in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California San Diego, where he is also the Director of UCSD's Center for Networked Systems. His research interests lie broadly in computer systems, including networking, distributed systems, mobility, and operating systems. He has run graduate admissions at UCSD for the last four years and will speak about his own perspectives in applying to graduate programs and what admissions committees look for in evaluating applicants.

Interested in The Five Year Bachelor/Master's Program in EECS? Come to our infosession!
When: September 12th, 3pm
Where: 521 Cory Hall

Alpha Kappa Psi is the oldest and largest business fraternity in the world. Open to all majors, we foster an environment of rigorous professional development that has launched our alumni into jobs in technology, banking, entrepreneurship, consulting and many more. As a member, students have access to our resume and cover letter workshops, our non-profit and for-profit consulting groups as well as our extensive alumni network. Alpha Kappa Psi is built on a close-knit community that has provided support for many students seeking brotherhood as well as professionalism. Come see for yourself at Meet the Chapter on 9/3 at 7PM at the Wells Fargo Room, or on 9/5 at 6PM at Kips. We hope to see all of you there.

Google Lightning Talks (2:30 to 4:30) in Hogan Room (521 Cory Hall)

Interested in gaining some insight on the variety of projects we work on in Google? Take a coffee break and come hear Berkeley alums talk about the following projects:

Each talk will go for about 15 minutes & open up to general discussion.
This is a super casual setting so feel free to stop in between classes or join us on your study break!

9/10/2008 Tech Talk by Bill Schilit (6:00pm to 7:30pm) in HP Pavilion, Soda Hall

See below for Talk details.

Navigating the network of knowledge: mining quotations from massive-scale digital libraries of books

Abstract: Scanning books, magazines, and newspapers is widespread because people believe a great deal of the world's information still resides off-line. In general after works are scanned they are indexed for search and processed to add links. In this talk I will describe a new approach to automatically add links by mining repeated passages. This technique connects elements that are semantically rich, so strong relations are made. Moreover, link targets point within rather than to the entire work, facilitating navigation. Our system has been run on a digital library of over 1 million books (Google Book Search), has been used by thousands of people, and has generated the world's largest collection of quotations. I will also present a follow-on project based on the theory that authors copy passages from book to book because these quotations capture an idea particularly well: Jefferson on liberty; Stanton on women's rights; and Gibson on cyberpunk. These projects suggest that mining quotations for links and ideas is an important mechanism for understanding the knowledge contained in books. (This work is in collaboration with Okan Kolak, Google Research and Google Book Search.)

Bio: Bill Schilit is part of the Google research team and an adopted member of the Book Search group. Before joining Google, Bill was co-director of the Intel Research lab in Seattle, managed digital library and mobile computing research at Fuji-Xerox (FXPAL), worked on distributed computing at AT&T's Bell Labs, and was part of the team that developed Ubiquitous Computing at PARC. He is Associate Editor-in-Chief of Computer Magazine and a past member of the Board of Governors of the IEEE Computer Society. Bill received a Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1995.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008
Data Domain Student Recruitment Infosession
September 9, 5-7 p.m.
Cory Hall, Hughes room (400)
Sponsors: Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

Thursday, September 11, 2008
Microsoft Tech Talk Information Session
September 11, 7 p.m.
Soda Hall, HP Auditorium (306)
Sponsors: Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)


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Internships Available at the Gender Equity Resource Center!

GenEq is looking for passionate, committed and motivated students to join our team!

Paid Internship:
Applications are due Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008 by 5pm.
Webpage Design and Content Management

Internships for Academic Credit:
Applications are due by Monday, September 8th, 2008 by 5pm.

Visit the GenEq website for more information about these internship opportunities:
Questions? Contact Marisa at , or stop by 202 Cesar Chavez.

Looking for an internship this semester? Want to put your great computer skills to use for an interesting cause? Need some extra units this semester? ASUC JOIN RENTERS' LEGAL ASSISTANCE!

We are looking for interns with great computer skills to help us manage our website. Your official title would be "IT Manager for ASUC Renters' Legal Assistance". With only a 5-hour per week committment, we'll also teach you about California rent law and give you the opportunity to spread your knowledge to other students. This is a great opportunity to make friends, build your resume, and do something for the Berkeley community. Please find an application attached. If the link for the email does not work for some reason, you can also visit us at to learn more about our organization and to download an application. Applications are due by 5pm on September 6th. We look forward to receiving your application!

Cheers, Christa Culver Head Director ASUC Renters' Legal Assistance


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EE C145B Dis 101 - The discussion was changed to Thursdays 5-6p 177 Stanley. The discussion section will meet in 177 Stanley at 5:00p today.
25560 S DIS 101 Th 5:00-6:00 P 0177 STANLEY
EE Schedule:


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Announcing the VENTURE LAB PRIZE
$12,000 available to each of up to four UC Berkeley entrepreneurial teams.
Inviting all UC Berkeley students and faculty to apply by SEPTEMBER 21, 2008.

The 2008 Venture Lab Competition will award $10,000 in funding as well as a $2,000 office furnishings/supply budget; workspace; meeting space; legal advice; and access to an extensive mentoring network to up to four teams seeking to start a venture. Venture Lab slots will be awarded to teams that best demonstrate an innovative solution to one of today's pressing problems.

IT'S EASY TO APPLY! Applications due September 21 Applications are 3-pages; can be downloaded from the CET website; and are due via email September 21, 2008. Semifinalists will be announced on September 24. On the evening of October 2, semifinalist teams will make 3-minute presentations to a panel of judges from the venture and entrepreneurship community followed by an in-depth Q&A for the finalists. The evening will close with the announcement of the winners.

For details on the competition rules, please visit


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Unit 501 is a one-person social gaming startup that builds and operates some of the most successful applications on the Facebook platform. With over 200,000 daily gamers (and close to 2 million monthly gamers), we are the largest social application company yet to raise funding of any kind. We operate over twenty applications including Pacman 2.0, Crazy Taxi and are soon releasing a basketball game branded by a major NBA star (non-disclosure does not allow me to name who). You will get the opportunity to handle a myriad of tasks ranging from keeping our servers alive and helping us move to other social networks to possibly creating the most defining social game of our time. We're already extremely cashflow positive and are willing to offer significant equity to the right candidate that could be worth an extremely sizeable amount.

There really aren't any hard skills required beyond a pretty awesome knowledge of the LAMP architecture. We do not care for your GPA. Social application experience and design skills would be a great bonus, but definitely not mandatory. Ideally, someone innovative, enthusiastic and willing to change the world one social application at a time.

Whether you're looking for a full-time job or a freelance development gig, feel free to contact me at (510) 827-0416 / (510) or /.

Live Current builds, owns and operates some of the most engaging content and commerce destinations on the Internet. Right now we are focusing on building out into the premier online destination for fans of cricket around the world. We recently bought rights to Indian cricket and the Indian Premier League for a period of 10 years for $50 million and are looking for engineers to help us revolutionize online cricket media.

We're looking for developers who tick all the usual boxes (motivated, enthusiastic, etc) but we're really interested in smart people who are self-starters and prepared to use their own initiative. We have a high quality team and expect people to perform to high standards. You'll be working alongside a Berkeley undergraduate and two of the founders from Auctomatic - a company recently acquired by Live Current Media (

We're not especially interested in which languages you know. We're more interested in people who can pick up new languages and skills quickly. Initially there will be a lot of PHP involved. Other benefits include great location, cool office and good pay.

Please send through a resume to and we'll arrange a time to get together to chat.

The Arkin group, as part of the Joint Bioenergy Institute, has multiple software engineering positions in the general areas of computational systems and synthetic biology in the service of biofuel production. More information about the Arkin group can be found at

Specifically, we're looking for software engineers to aid in development of tools for comparative functional genomics, metabolic pathway annotation and design, data mining of complex genome-scale data sets and metagenomic data.

The Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI, is a new multi-organizational research center comprising world-class resources and expertise located in one facility at Emeryville, California. The goal of JBEI is to use rapidly advancing scientific techniques, such as systems and synthetic biology, to accelerate development of the nation's biofuels industry. See PDF for more details.

Cornerstone Research ( is a consulting firm specializing in the analysis of complex financial, economic, accounting, and marketing issues. Our staff and nationally prominent academic and industry experts provide clients with state-of-the-art analysis that has earned us a reputation for excellence and effectiveness. Attorneys often choose to rely on our work as the foundation for testimony in complex business litigation.

In recent years, Cornerstone Research has grown quickly to become one of the nation’s leading finance and economics consulting firms with more than 350 full-time staff members across our six offices and an extensive network of experts. Our culture of growth and collegiality provides a dynamic work environment.

We attribute our success to a unique combination of resources: A creative and energetic staff, cutting-edge technology and research, and our “partnership” with academic and industry experts. Our consultants employ innovative problem solving approaches and achieve unparalleled analytic depth. Working with faculty experts from leading business schools, economics departments and law schools keeps us at the forefront of academic research, while industry experts share their practical experience and business acumen.

Our diverse experience allows us to provide clients with a unique breadth of perspective and expertise. For example, in securities projects we analyze stock prices, derivatives and debt instruments. We assess high-profile mergers and acquisitions, insider trading allegations and share repurchase transactions. In antitrust and intellectual property cases we look at industry structure, the nature of purchase decisions and the commercial value of innovation and technology.

Analysts play a central role at Cornerstone Research. They work in case teams which range in size but typically include an academic or industry expert, senior consultants, and analysts. Within a case team, the analyst makes important contributions during all phases of a project—from developing case strategy, to conducting analyzes, to preparing experts for testimony. Case work has both quantitative and qualitative elements, involving such key responsibilities as conducting financial and economic modeling, examining market and industry behavior, and presenting findings to colleagues and clients. Our small size provides the analyst opportunities to interact closely not only with senior consultants and academic experts, but also with clients. Analysts participate actively in the development of Cornerstone Research’s recruiting, training, systems strategies, and in-house software.

Cornerstone Research believes that strong skills develop best through practical experience. We begin with a training program to introduce the analyst to sophisticated analytical and statistical techniques used throughout our practice. Following training, analysts join case teams where they have immediate impact while continuing to learn new skills. Analysts gain tremendous learning and development opportunities by working closely with experts, clients, and senior consultants, and through our ongoing training programs. Cornerstone Research values the professional growth of analysts and recognizes their contributions to clients and the firm. Consequently, the analyst role has evolved to a position typically involving a stay of three or more years. The analytical depth of our assignments, the breadth of industry exposure, and experience working in case teams offer outstanding preparation for analysts applying to top graduate programs in business, economics, and law, and for ensuing careers in consulting, finance, industry, and academia. A number of our senior consultants started their careers as analysts with our firm.

To fill the limited number of analyst positions, Cornerstone Research seeks well-rounded, enthusiastic individuals who have demonstrated excellent academic performance. We encourage candidates with strong analytical backgrounds, computer skills, and interest in business and economics to apply. We welcome you to meet current analysts and learn more about this unique intersection of economics, business and law at the following events:

Please include the following items when applying through CalJobs: 1) a cover letter, 2) a résumé and 3) a copy of your transcript. Applications will only be considered once all these materials have been received.