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Understanding the Market Meltdown with Professor Olney, Contact list of CAL students with startup ideas, A Conversation on Free Speech, New Media, Performance, and Democracy Laurie Anderson, Artist, Open Source Bootcamp, Opera Software Seminar and Discussion

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How to Prep and Impress at the Early Bird Internship Fair, Summer Internship Workshop,, Microsoft Tech Fest 2008, Palantir Technologies, Riverbed

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EE 124 Intro Embedded Systems

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NASA Aeronautics Scholarship Program

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Participate in Research!! Experimental Social Science Lab (aka XLab)

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Programmer needed, Web Designer Needed, Database Tutor/Reader, Reader for partially-sighted Engineer

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The Bioengineering Honor Society is excited to present "Understanding the Market Meltdown" with our very own Professor Olney from the Department of Economics. She will be dicussing the economic downturn and its implications for students and the future. The event will be TODAY!

Hope to see you there!

Event: Understanding the Market Meltdown with Professor Olney
Date: Thursday, October 23, 2008
Time: 7-9 PM Location: 101 Moffit

I had this simple idea of starting a contact list of CAL students with startup ideas who want to find other students to work on projects with, so I started this wiki page: Please, check it out!

-Serena Wu

The Art, Technology, and Culture Colloquium of the Berkeley Center for New Media and Cal Performances announce:

A Conversation on Free Speech, New Media, Performance, and Democracy Laurie Anderson, Artist, NYC Saturday, Oct 25, 2:00-3:30pm, Wheeler Auditorium

Note time and location details below.
Presented in association with Cal Performances.

Ken Goldberg hosts a conversation and audience Q&A with acclaimed multi-media artist Laurie Anderson on topics ranging from privacy and politics to art and technology. This event is planned in conjunction with Anderson's newest performance, Homeland, which includes songs and stories that create a poetic and political portrait of contemporary American culture. Conceived as one long piece of music, Homeland moves through many worlds, from Greek tragedy to American business models, addressing the current obsession with fear, violence, and security.

Free & open to the public, tickets not required Sat, Oct 25, 2-3:30 pm, Wheeler Auditorium

Fri-Sat, Oct 24-25, 8pm, Zellerbach Hall Tickets: $28/$38/$56; For tickets call 510.642.9988.

"The reigning performance artist of her time" (Boston Globe), Laurie Anderson is known internationally for her multimedia presentations in which she performs in roles as varied as visual artist, composer, poet, photographer, filmmaker, electronics whiz, vocalist, and instrumentalist. She has pioneered several new technologies for creativity and performance and collaborated with Interval Research Labs. She was appointed the first artist-in-residence of NASA.

Presented in association with Cal Performances
Note Day and Location: Saturday, Wheeler Auditorium
ATC Lectures are free and open to the public.
General admission seating is limited to first 400.
Doors open at 1:30 pm.

ATC Primary Sponsors: Berkeley Center for New Media (BCNM), Center for Information Technology in the Interest of Society (CITRIS), College of Engineering Interdisciplinary Studies Program (IDS), and the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost.

Additional Sponsors: Intel Research, BAM/PFA, Townsend Center for the Humanities, and the Berkeley Consortium for the Arts.

Ken Goldberg: ATC and BCNM Director
Greg Niemeyer: ATC Associate Director
Susan Miller: BCNM Associate Director
Alenda Chang: ATC Graduate Associate
Curated with: ATC Advisory Board
Contact: , 510-642-0635.
For updated information, please visit:

UC BERKELEY student & student MEDIA ALERT


Meet accomplished open source business leaders and engineers in the field every day, and learn new skills that will help you thrive in the marketplace upon graduation.

WHAT: Nearly thirty years after the original Ingres database code (today it is open source code) was developed at UC Berkeley, representatives of Ingres and other open source leaders return to host a one-day student boot camp organized especially for UC Berkeley undergraduate and graduate computer science and engineering students.

As a student, you’ll get to meet and greet leading industry business leaders and engineers and learn about open source, a skill that is in high IT market demand. The camp will teach you practical open source software skills and speakers will share visionary software perspectives and strategies with you. The camps main goal is to help you understand the value of open source-based technologies and techniques, and business models. In addition, it will expose you to the extraordinary support offered inside open source communities today, for students and professionals alike.

In addition, the program will include panels on open source databases and the Google Summer of Code.

WHY: Students with open source skills on their resumes upon graduation have the potential to thrive in today’s marketplace. Bluewolf, a U.S.-based IT staffing company reports there’s a shortage of talented open source developers. Additionally, The O’Reilly Report recently found that 15% of IT positions now on the market call for open source software skills, and the number of open source-related job postings by large businesses is approximately 1 in 52, or about 1.9% (pretty good as this refers to all enterprise jobs, not just IT positions). OS Boot Camps are reaching out to campuses worldwide to help fill the gap as universities continue to build more open source classes into their curriculums.

WHO: Accomplished open source business leaders and engineers will be there to share their knowledge with students, including:

WHEN: Thursday, October 30, 2008, 12:00 p.m. PT – 7:00 p.m. PT
WHERE: UC Berkeley Campus, Bechtel Building, Room 120 A, B.
MORE INFO: (includes full agenda), or
STUDENT CONTACT: Cleo Saab, Ingres Corporation, (415) 238-0590,
MEDIA CONTACT: Allyson Stinchfield, Atomic Public Relations, (415) 402-0230,

The Computer Science Undergraduate Association of University of Berkeley will host a seminar and panel discussion to students and staff from Opera Software, the company behind the innovative browsers for Opera Mini, Mobile, Desktop and other devices. Opera Software's seminar will explore open Web standards, Web technologies and mobile Web browsing.

Meet the developers and managers behind the innovative Opera Desktop and Opera Mini Web browsers. The seminar will be presented by Philip Gronvold, US Manager of Business Development at Opera Software, and Anne van Kesteren, standards expert.

Opera Software's seminar is an excellent opportunity to enhance your learning about the Web, gain new perspectives on technology trends, and network with people leading the IT industry. The seminar will be followed by an informal reception with free gifts and an opportunity to mingle with the speakers from Opera Software.

To register for this seminar please send an email to with "Berkeley" in the subject line.


Philip Gronvold Philip Gronvold has been working as the US Manager of Business Development for Opera Software since 2006. Philip graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Management Informational Systems (MIS), and concentration in e-commerce. He also has a minor in Applied Statistical Mathematics. Philip is a knowledgeable speaker on numerous topics including Opera as a company, its products and technology, the Mobile Web, Widgets and some W3C topics such as HTML, POWDER, and CSS.

Anne van Kesteren

Anne van Kesteren works for Opera Software in evolving the Web. As part of this activity, he's a member of a number of W3C Working Groups (WGs), including the WebApps and HTML WGs. He's also a member of the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG), the group that founded HTML5 in 2004, since its inception.


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Wondering what to say to employers at career fairs? What impresses employers? How to make your resume stand out from all other resumes??? Attend: Engineering/CS Internship Resume Writing & Prep for the Fair Monday, October 27 – 6:00 – 7:00 pm Sibley Auditorium, Bechtel Engineering Center Recruiters from Genentech, FormFactor, Lam Research and a former student intern will provide advice on how to impress employers at the 10/29th Early Bird Internship Fair. Also, they will discuss how make your resume great.

RSVP via Callisto:

Summer Internship Workshop!
When: Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Where: 373 Soda Hall
Time: 4:00-5:00 pm
Come ask a panelist of undergraduate students about their Summer Internship Experience!

Come to Cory Hogan to meet founders and engineers at popular live video platform, recommendation network Redux, and prediction market provider Xpree.

October 27, Monday,6PM | Cory Hall, Hogan room (521)

All three startups have received venture capital funding from Alsop Louie Partners and are well capitalized. They are hiring front-end and back-end interns and full time developers. Hear short technical presentations from lead engineers and founders, enjoy Zachary's pizza, and submit your resume for an iPod Touch raffle.

For more information visit or contact .

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 6:30-8:30pm Soda Wozniak Lounge

Bring your résumé for a chance to win an Xbox or a Guitar Hero!!
FREE FOOD will be provided!

Hey Genius! Come check out our Tech Fest! It's all about us meeting you, and you meeting us, and all of us geeking out over some crazy tech stuff. Come chat, ask questions, ya know... just genius mingle. Drop in and see what some MICROSOFT's teams are working on right now!! Here are just a few of our featured groups:

Palantir Technologies Infosession
Wednesday, October 29, CORY Hogan Room 521, 5:00pm

Pizza from Zachary's will be provided.
An iPod Touch will be raffled off to one attendee.

Resumes will be accepted. Palantir Technologies, a Palo Alto-based startup will be presenting a technology demonstration and info session. Palantir builds enterprise software that allows human analysts to consume huge volumes of data. Pairing revolutionary, scalable distributed data systems with a rich, interactive visualization experience, Palantir has built the software that empowers human analysts to work 100-1000x faster than previous workflows.

Currently shipping their products to hedge funds and intelligence agencies, Palantir is looking for the best and brightest engineers to fill positions in all aspects of the company. Senior Software Engineer Ari Gordon-Schlosberg will present a talk exploring the Palantir approach to building technology and perform live demos of both of Palantir's analytical platforms.

Did you know that nearly ¼ of Riverbed’s engineering team are graduates of UC Berkeley?

You should join us at the Riverbed Technology infosession Thursday Oct. 30.
We will be serving pizza and giving away cool schwag!!

Thursday, October 30, Cory Hall (Room 400, Hughes Room),
5PM Food/refreshments provided

Please come and meet:

At the infosession, you will learn about Riverbed Technology’s business and their flagship Wide Area Data Services (WDS) optimization products: Steelhead and Atlas. Case and Puneet will present high level overviews of these two products: the need and challenge of optimizing applications over a wide area network, the underlying technology that makes WDS even possible, and the breadth of the applications supported. They will also describe three customer deployments to demonstrate the cost savings achieved through use of Riverbed products.

Riverbed Technology is the worldwide technology and market share leader in wide area data services (WDS). Riverbed’s award-winning Steelhead WDS appliances address all of the issues that affect application performance over the WAN, dramatically improving the performance of applications that companies and knowledge workers rely on everyday- including file sharing, email, backup, document management systems, IT tools, as well as ERP and CRM solutions. With Riverbed, any of these applications can be accelerated somewhere between 5 and 50, and even up to 100 times faster.

The Atlas storage product extends the benefits of Riverbed’s Steelhead appliances further into the data center by enabling deduplication of existing primary file storage. With the Atlas appliance, Riverbed will do for its customer’s data at rest what Steelhead products have done for their data in motion—eliminate up to 95% of redundant data, which typically burdens IT infrastructure by slowing down access to data and applications and increasing costs and operational overhead of data management. Atlas does all of this while leveraging a customer’s current infrastructure – existing file storage and existing Steelhead appliances.

People are drawn to Riverbed because of our outstanding technical reputation, unique culture, and the opportunity to work with smart, creative people in an open, collaborative environment. Employees are the essential component for the development of our technology and the execution of our vision. Take a closer look at what Riverbed is all about-

About the Riverbed Technology Speakers:

Case Larsen is part of the Steelhead appliance team that works on SSL traffic optimization. Before joining Riverbed in 2004, he worked at Inktomi on streaming media caching and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory on a decentralized authentication and authorization research project. Case received a BS in EECS from UC Berkeley in 1992. Puneet Mehra is a part of the Filesystem Protocols security team for the Steelhead and Atlast projects. Before joining Riverbed in 2004, he was part of the Vision and Image Processing Lab in the EECS Department at UC Berkeley, where he received an MS in EECS in 2003.


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There is a possibility that the course number of EE 124 will be changed to EECS 149 (i.e., it will be listed as EE C149/CS C149). Please note that the course content remains the same. We will only know whether the change happens in December. Therefore, if you are currently interested in taking EE 124, please enroll as usual but note that the class will be set up for waitlist only. If the course number is changed before the beginning of the Spring '09 semester (Jan 20), the wait-listed students will be notified via email to register for EE C149/ CS C149. If for some reason the course is not approved, the waitlisted students for EE 124 will be automatically be enrolled in course EE 124. The course is limited to 30 students.

Instructor: Professor Seshia Units:
4 units. Course Control Number 25452
Day, Time, Location: M W 100-2:30 P 293 CORY

Course Control Number (Discussion) : 07673
Day, Time, Location: MW 1-2:30p 293 Cory


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2009 NASA Aeronautics Scholarship Program

The NASA Aeronautics Scholarship Program which is administered by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Is officially accepting applications for the 2009 Aeronautics Scholarship Program. It is expected that approximately 20 two-year undergraduate, and 5 two-year with an option of a third year graduate scholarships will be awarded annually to students pursuing aeronautical engineering and related fields such as Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, and Mathematics. Total allocated award amounts are up to $40,000 for undergraduates and up to $125,000 for graduates. These funds will go towards tuition and related costs, as well as to provide paid summer internship opportunities at a NASA research center.

Competitive applicants interested in this amazing opportunity should begin completing application materials immediately. A completed application will consist of profile information, academic background (including transcripts), a resume, an essay for undergraduates, a proposal for graduates, letters of recommendations, and any test scores, such as GRE's, when appropriate.

Completed applications will be collected electronically through January 16, 2009. To learn more about eligibility requirements, award benefits, application instructions, and to apply online, visit, or contact with any questions regarding this program.

NASA Scholarship Team
American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)
1818 N St. NW
Washington DC 20036
(202)331-3500 (office)
(202)265-8504 (fax)


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UC Berkeley Students and Staff,

Participate in Research!! Experimental Social Science Lab (aka XLab) Located at F310 Haas Business School

To register as a new participant, go to:
Visit our website for more information on the Xlab:


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Programmer needed for address distance calculation project - $20/ hour, short term expected

Project outline:

I have a database of several thousand U.S. addresses, and as a first step I need to calculate two things:

  1. The exact distance between all these addresses and a single address of my choosing
  2. For a given address, I need to identify what other addresses in the database are within a given radius of my choosing (e.g. all other addresses within a 10 mile radius) If feasible, I'd prefer this to be done with the Google Maps API, and be calculated using both driving and walking distances. I'm open to other approaches/tools as well. For the final product, there doesn't need to be a pretty GUI, just some relatively short code that's neatly written and I can modify easily.

The best way to reach me is by e-mail at .

Bryan Hong, Haas Business PhD Student

The Berkeley MBA Asia Business Conference team is looking for someone to help renovate our website urgently. The scope of work should be comparable to the existing one in the following link. If you are looking for a part-time job and find this interesting, please don't hesitate to e-mail me directly. Also, in your e-mail, please include:

Looking forward to your response.

Best Regards,
Piradee Tatiyakavee

Asia Business Conference: Marketing Co-VP

Database Tutor/Reader

Assist partially-sighted design engineer in learning Database management systems and Java. Duties include tutoring, helping with development environment(s), help solve accessibility challenges. Fun, stimulating environment. Qualifications: Computer science student with demonstrated software skill. Clear voice with good enunciation. dependable, enthusiastic and resourceful.

Reader for partially-sighted Engineer.

Assist in web searching, identifying professional opportunities, editing documents, help with Windows software. Read aloud, where needed. Occasional short driving trips desired, but not required. Location: Regent St. Fun, stimulating environment. Qualifications: demonstrated computer and communications proficiency. English reading and speaking ability. dependable, enthusiastic and resourceful. Must have laptop computer. If driving: Clean driving record and safe.