UC Berkeley's Virtual Development Center

Berkeley Institute of Design

John Canny, James Landay, Carlo Sequin (EECS)

Paul Wright (Mech Eng)

Ken Goldberg (IEOR, EECS)

Lon Addison (CDV and CED)


The Berkeley Institute of Design (BID) is part of the CITRIS center. CITRIS is aimed at providing IT research in the interests of society. BID is the component of CITRIS that unites disciplines from engineering to visual arts to realize that vision. BID begins with human-centered design practices: contextual inquiry, participatory design, etc. It emphasizes understanding the diversity of the consumer: gender, age, cultural and racial background. It is the closest point of contact between engineers and designers developing new technologies and social scientists doing needs analysis and evaluation of such technologies. BID builds on Berkeley's current excellence in state-of-the art technology such as: tools for prototyping, visualizing and manipulating designs; the development of "digital critics" to automatically evaluate designs for manufacturability, complexity, and cost; understanding the entire product development process from design to manufacture to market; and collaboration tools for team design across disciplinary boundaries and physical distance. 

Sample Research Topics