3. The Bachelor of Arts Degree

The Computer Science Division administers a major in Computer Science for students in the College of Letters and Science. Graduates receive a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree. The EECS Honors Degree Program and the Five-Year Bachelor/Master's Program are also open to L&S CS students. For more information, visit the Current and Prospective L&S CS Students website.

There are also L&S CS Advisers to answer your questions and provide assistance (office: 379 Soda Hall, telephone:510-664-4436, cs-advising@cs.berkeley.edu).

To petition for admission to the L&S CS major, you will need to achieve a minimum GPA in specific lower-division courses and complete the Major Declaration Application required by the department.

When calculating the required GPA, we only use grades from courses completed at UC Berkeley. You may petition for admission to the major during the semester in which you are enrolled in the final technical prerequisites courses.

Minor in Computer Science

A Minor in Computer Science is available to all undergraduate students at Berkeley with a declared major, except CS and EECS majors, through the College of Engineering.

Note: Minors do not receive any enrollment priority at this time

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