UC Berkeley Honor Code

We are pleased to announce a new Honor Code for UC Berkeley. The wording is brief and to the point: "As a member of the UC Berkeley community, I act with honesty, integrity, and respect for others."

These ideas are already an integral part of our Campus culture, as articulated, for example, in our Principles of Community. However, the Honor Code expresses them as a concise affirmational statement that can be easily remembered and repeated. It is an expression of our deep commitment to our core values as an educational institution.

Unlike honor codes at many academic institutions, the UC Berkeley Honor Code is not meant as a judicial code of conduct. We already have such guidelines for students, faculty, and staff, as well as procedures to deal with violations. Rather, the Honor Code focuses on education and awareness, and is meant to be a springboard for conversation on issues related to honesty, integrity, and respect, whenever it is appropriate and beneficial to have such discussions. Together, through engagement, we can create a consistent message and ethos in our classrooms, labs, departments, and throughout the academic enterprise, to ensure that the core values of academic integrity and honesty are being embraced by both students and faculty.

The Honor Code has emerged from a process of dialogue between the Deans of the College of Letters and Science, the Academic Senate, the Graduate Assembly, and the ASUC. The ASUC has taken the lead in the effort to generate Campus awareness and has created an Honor Code website to serve as a resource to the Campus.

We invite you to join us in making the UC Berkeley Honor Code an important part of our Campus community.

Robert J. Birgeneau Chancellor
April 12, 2013