Risk Management Theft Deductible for Equipment in Cory Hall

The following insurance information has been provided by Risk Management:

  1. Equipment does not have to be locked down or engraved to be covered by the University's insurance. For equipment which is not locked down the deductible premium for each incident is:

    1. Forced entry: $1000 deductible
    2. Non-forced entry: $5000 deductible

  2. In order to lower the deductible, a buy-down can be purchased at an annual premium rate of $.40/$100 worth of equipment.

    1. Forced entry: $250 deductible
    2. Non-forced entry: $1000 deductible

  3. If you wish, you can have your equipment secured through a lock-down device, by engraving, or by a STOP tag. (A STOP tag is an I.D. plate which is attached to the equipment with epoxy glue. If and when the tag is removed, a tattoo is left stating "this is stolen property" and has an 800 number to call. This has been stated to work very well - the cost is $10.50/tag).

    1. This security is handled through the UC Campus Police.
    2. All items with lock-down devices/engraving will be checked periodically by the police.
    3. The police must have a set of keys for all lock-down devices.

  4. Cory Hall is secured with cardkey systems and security cameras. Although it doesn't lessen the deductibles, it does lessen the amount of thefts we have had.

    Below are listed some answers to a number of questions as to whether we are meeting campus security requirements. Risk Management and the UCPD said that Cory Hall has done a good job with its security.

    1. In order for our machine shop installed steel cable/padlock security to qualify as proper security under the Risk Management policy, the system would have to be checked by the UC Crime Prevention Unit.

      Under the Risk Management policy, you must use lock-down devices supplied by the recommended vendors. If you want a list of these vendors, please call Mark at 2-1468 or send e-mail to marked@eecs

    2. The UCB00-00-00000 tag number does qualify as proper identification under the policy as long as it is accompanied by engraving or STOP tag and lock-down devices. It is another valid way of identifying stolen equipment, even if the tag has been removed. A record of these numbers are kept by Equipment Management and by our own department inventory.

    3. We comply with BUS #29 by managing a controlled inventory of all of our equipment with a value of $500 and more.

    4. Cory Hall maintains and replenishes keys as needed. A record is kept of all keys disbursed and returned. Close contact is kept with the UCPD when ordering any type of building master key.

    5. A security survey is kept on all equipment ordered by having all individuals ordering their equipment to fill out an Equipment Disposition Form.

    6. The Machine Shop (3-8400, benlake@eecs) is willing to install cabling and engraving of your equipment for a nominal charge.

For more information:
Mark Davis
Cory Hall Building Manager
253 Cory Hall