Department Policy on Academic Dishonesty

Copying all or part of another person's work, or using reference material not specifically allowed, are forms of cheating and will not be tolerated. A student involved in an incident of cheating will be notified by the instructor and the following policy will apply:

  1. The instructor should fill out a Faculty Disposition form and request to meet and review it with the student. At this time, the instructor should choose an appropriate sanction.

    Some examples of sanctions for academic integrity violations may include:
    1. require repetition of the subject work
    2. assign an F grade or a 'zero' grade to the subject work
    3. for serious offenses, assign an F grade for the course

  2. The recommended sanction for cheating on examinations or term papers is 1(c).

  3. The student may choose to sign the Faculty Disposition form. Signed copies of the form, along with relevant supporting documentation (such as the course syllabus, original version of the work in question with notes as applicable, correspondence with the student, sources work was plagiarized from, etc.) should be uploaded from and submitted to the Center for Student Conduct. Faculty may choose to simply call the Center for Student Conduct for a consultation at 510-643-9069.

  4. If the student does not wish to sign the form, but the instructor still suspects that there was a violation, he or she should still submit all materials listed in the previous bullet point (#3).

  5. The instructor must inform the student of his/her right to appeal to the Student Grievance Committee or to the Director of the Office of Student Conduct.

  6. Faculty may also choose to fill out an incident report, which is sent directly to the Center for Student Conduct.

  7. We strongly suggest that the instructor inform the Executive Director of Student Affairs, Susanne Kauer (, in writing of the incident. Susanne is available to consult with students or faculty regarding academic honesty questions.

  8. The instructor must retain copies of any written evidence or observation notes.

  9. The Center of Student Conduct may choose to conduct a formal hearing on the incident and to assess a penalty for misconduct.

  10. The Department will recommend that students involved in a second incident of cheating be dismissed from the University.

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