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Welcome to Berkeley! Below you will find important information and tasks to do before classes start. Most of the information applies to both EE and CS students. Also, more new student information can be found at the New Student Checklist.

Before You Arrive

Calnet ID

You should have received a Student Identification Number (SID) and created your Calnet ID. If you have not created your Calnet ID yet you can do it online. This can be done remotely now.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

All students should submit an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) so that you can be paid electronically.

Students on a fellowship should submit this EFT form.
Students who have a Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) appointment from a professor should submit an EFT provided by Campus Shared Services.
Students on a Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) appointment should submit an EFT to the Human Resources Office, 367 Soda Hall.


The search for housing should begin before you arrive. One of the most common ways for new students to find housing is through the Google group for your class,!forum/cal-eecs-2015. Please let us know if you need an invitation. It is here that other new students will be looking for someone to rent a house or apartment with. It is also where current students post vacancies in existing households. Here are some other housing possibilities:

International House: I-House is a dorm and cultural center for international and American students. It is a few minutes walk from Cory, Soda, and Sutardja Dai halls. This is a good choice if you want to meet people outside EECS. It is also a good choice if you don't have the time to look for housing in the open market because it can be done remotely. Graduate students are given single rooms.

University Graduate Student Apartments: The three buildings listed below are operated by the University for graduate students. All are within a 15 minute walk of EECS and close to the free campus shuttle that stops in front of Cory Hall.

Manville Hall Apartments
Channing-Bowditch Apartments
Ida L. Jackson Graduate House Apartments

Married students housing: The University offers apartments for married, single-parent, and domestic partner student families in University Village in Albany. University Village is about 3 miles from EECS buildings. There is a bus from the village that stops in front of Cory Hall. It is a good choice if you don't have the time to look for housing in the open market because it can be done remotely.

Berkeley Student Cooperative: The Berkeley Student Cooperative is a 501c3 nonprofit housing cooperative. Their mission is to provide a quality, low-cost, cooperative housing community to Berkeley students. Each house is democratically run, and residents contribute their labor to help keep housing costs affordable. Founded in 1933, Berkeley Student Cooperative the is the largest student housing cooperative in the United States. Most of their houses and apartment buildings are a short walk from EECS.

Cal Rentals: The best source to find off-campus housing, such as apartments and houses for rent, is Cal Rentals. As a Berkeley student you have access to this service. Three months of access to listings costs $20.

University Housing Homepage

As Soon As You Arrive

Cal 1 Card Photo ID

Your Cal 1 Card Photo ID is also your proximity card and card key for Cory and Soda Hall. You obtain your Photo ID card from the Cal 1 Card Photo ID Office at 180 Cesar Chavez Center in Lower Sproul Plaza. They are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 4:30. You will need your SID and a valid picture ID such as a passport or driver's license.

Computer Accounts

Your computer account cannot be activated until August 1. It cannot be activated remotely. Please go to the EECS Helpdesk in 395 Cory to activate your account. After creating a password you can activate your account with the computers in 199 Cory. Your EECS account will be our primary method of communication for Department business. The EECS Department will hold IT orientation on Monday, August 24 as a part of EECS orientation in Sibley Auditorium, Bechtel Engineering Center. You must attend this orientation if you are receiving a Department laptop. During the orientation we will present pertinent information about EECS and UCB computing services as well guidelines and policies. Successful completion of this orientation is mandatory to obtain your laptop and activate it on our network. Please make every effort to attend. If you cannot attend please inform Eric Fraser at

International Students

Berkeley International Office (BIO) has moved new student information to a series of online course modules through bCourses, which is the replacement for the previous New International Student Tutorials. All new students are added to this course called "iStart: The 101 Course." It is a required part of Document Check. The platform of the four modules is hosted on bCourses, and each module has a set of quiz questions attached to it. Students need to log into bCourses to complete the modules or use the direct links are below. If you are having issues with this or have questions, please contact the Berkeley International Office. The four modules are:

Who is BIO?
Maintaining Your Status
Campus Life

Please also plan to attend the New International Students Orientation and New International Student Resource Fair, both on August 19.


Create a WarnMe account. WarnMe is UC Berkeley's alerting and warning service for students, staff, and faculty. It is activated to contact you when there is an immediate threat to safety or health affecting the campus community. WarnMe can alert you by phone, text message, or email. You choose the best ways to reach you. Please see for more information.

By default WarnMe will send a message to your Official Email address in the CalNet directory (typically your address). To receive WarnMe emergency warnings via any other method, such as by text or phone, you must tell us how to contact you by clicking the WarnMe button to the right and providing those addresses or numbers on the WarnMe Contact Information page.

WarnMe is part of the campus's emergency communications system. In all emergencies, natural disasters and other crises, information will be posted on the campus home page,, and on the backup off-site emergency website at It will also be recorded on the off-site, toll-free emergency number (1-800-705-9998), campus radio station (KALX 90.7 FM at ), and posted to @UCBerkeley Twitter at!/UCBerkeley and at UC Berkeley Facebook at accounts.


You should arrange to meet your advisor soon after you arrive. Before you see your advisor, plan a tentative course schedule for fall using the Class Schedule. You may also want to consult the EECS courses.

Lab Safety Training

All EE graduate students, including Master of Engineering students, must take Lab Safety Training. To take the online training please follow the instructions below:

Financial Matters

California Residency

If you're a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, start getting your California residency in order right away. Open a bank account, use your charge card, get your CA driver's license, update both your local and permanent address in the UC system and register to vote (a voter registration table is usually set up by the Student Union or forms are available outside 309 Sproul Hall). Please see the Residency Office website for more information. Remember that we expect all U.S. citizens and permanent residents to become legal residents of the State of California by the beginning of their second year. Also, there is a California Residency workshop on Tuesday, August 26 in Dwinelle Hall as a part of New Graduate Student Orientation (NGSO).

Tax e-mail for International students: If you are an international student, you will be receiving an e-mail in the coming days from about your GLACIER form and proper tax withholding. Since you must respond within 10 days of receiving it, we encourage you to add the e-mail above to your contacts and to check your spam folder.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

US citizens and permanent residents should submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by June 15. It does not matter that the deadline has passed. This form is required for certain types of financial support.

Graduate Student Instructors (GSI)

All new GSIs are required to take EE 375 or CS 375. Both are 2 unit classes on how to be a GSI. You register for this through Tele-BEARS. Also, please go to 199M Cory Hall (on the mezzanine level) as soon as possible to complete GSI payroll paperwork. This paperwork triggers your GSI fee remissions. Fall 2015 fees are due on August 15.

International GSIs: Please submit a language proficiency screening questionnaire by July 15 if you are an incoming student that stated on their SIR that English is not your native language and you do not have an undergraduate degree from a U.S. institution. International GSIs are also encouraged to enroll in the Language Proficiency Program offered through the GSI Teaching and Resource Center in 301 Sproul Hall.

Cory and Soda Halls

Desk Space

Please ask your advisor for information about your new work area. Please notify when this information changes.

Building Access

After you get your Cal 1 ID card please submit the Building Access Form to get basic graduate student level access clearances for EECS. All students with offices in Cory or Soda halls must submit the form. If you find your card is not working please visit the front desk at 387 Soda Hall. No faculty authorization is required for basic clearances, which includes building entries, grad student offices, conference rooms, and lounges. Access to research labs and other restricted spaces will require authorization from your advisor and/or lab PI.

Students with offices in Cory or Soda halls must read all 4 forms below:

Cory Hall Building Emergency Plan (BEP)
Cory Hall Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP)

Soda Hall Building Emergency Plan (BEP)
Soda Hall Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP)

Mail Folders

EE Students:

You have a mail folder in the EECS Main Office in 253 Cory Hall. This folder is for academic mail only. No personal mail! Please have all your junk mail, journals, bank statements, etc. sent to your home address. It is very important that the words EE GRAD appear in your address because the mail arrives in the main office and is sorted to your folder. Please do not leave this to chance! Address your mail like this:

Your Name, EE Graduate Student
U.C. Berkeley
EECS Department
253 Cory Hall #1772
Berkeley CA 94720-1772

CS Students:

You have a mail folder in 396 Soda Hall. This folder is for academic mail only. No personal mail! Please have all your junk mail, journals, bank statements, etc. sent to your home address. It is very important that the words CS GRAD appear in your address because the mail arrives in the main office and is sorted to your folder. Please do not leave this to chance! Address your mail like this:

Your Name, CS Graduate Student
U.C. Berkeley
EECS Department
396 Soda Hall - #1776
Berkeley CA 94720-1776


Registration is a two-part process: Enrolling in classes and paying your fees:

A) You will be able to register for classes through Tele-BEARS during your Tele-Bears appointment. You can find your tele-bears appointment in Bearfacts under "Registration." Your tele-bears appointment should be between August 6 and August 12. If you are unsure about which classes to take, please contact your faculty advisor. If you happen to miss your tele-bears appointment, take a look at the open hours and adjustment period schedules.

B) Students who have EECS Department support, such a fellowship, GSI, or GSR will have their fees paid by the Department. Some students on external fellowships such as the NSF or NDSEG will also have their fees paid. Details of your fee payment status can be found at the Quick Statement link in BearFacts.

When you have enrolled for classes and the first installment or full fees have been paid, you are officially registered for the semester.

Center for Student Affairs

The Center for Student Affairs staff in 205 Cory Hall is always here to help you. They are your best resources for any procedural or bureaucratic questions you might have throughout your academic career. The Center for Student Affairs is open from 9-12 and 1-4. Patrick Hernan (EE) and Diana Smith (CS), located in 205 Cory Hall, are the graduate admissions officers you communicated with during the admissions process. However, they are also responsible for GSI hiring and fellowship competitions. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions on those matters. Shirley Salanio, who is located in 217 Cory Hall, works with EE graduate students in the M.S./Ph.D. and Ph.D. programs. She can be reached at 510-643-8347 or at shirley@EECS.Berkeley.EDU. Heather Levien also works with EE continuing students. She can be found in 253B Cory Hall and can be reached by phone at (510) 642-3497 or at Audrey Sillers works with CS graduate students in the M.S./Ph.D. and Ph.D. programs. She is located in 367 Soda Hall and can be reached at 510-642-9413 or at Michael Sun works with students in the M.S., 5th Year M.S., M.Eng., and MAS-IC programs. He can be reached at and 510-643-8107. Susanne Kauer, located in 221 Cory Hall (642-3694, is the director. She administers student financial matters.


EECS Orientation is on Monday, August 24 at 1:30pm in H-P Auditorium, 3rd Floor Soda Hall. It is preceded by lunch at noon in the Wozniak Lounge, 4th floor Soda Hall. Please plan to attend. This day includes valuable information about the Department and social events with your classmates and continuing students. It also includes IT orientation, which is required to receive a Department laptop. Here is a list of Campus orientations and receptions.

2015 New Student Orientation Presentations and Handouts

The following handouts are accessible only to current EECS graduate students:

New Graduate Student Seminars

Access to these video recordings is limited to the EECS community. To view the recordings, please contact the Graduate Student Services staff members for the login credentials.

Important Dates for New Students

Date Event Location
August 6-12 Tele-BEARS enrollment period for new graduate students Tele-BEARS login
August 17 Tele-BEARS enrollment adjustment period opens Tele-BEARS login
August 17-19 Parallel Programming Bootcamp Soda Hall
August 19, 7:45am-12:00n New International Students Orientation International House
August 19, 3-5pm New International Student Resource Fair International House
August 20, 8:30am-3pm New International GSI Orientation Dwinelle Hall Lobby
August 21, 8am-3pm New GSI Orientation (for all GSIs, International and Domestic) Wheeler Hall Lobby
August 24, 12:00n-4:30pm EECS Orientation (including mandatory IT training) H-P Auditorium, 3rd Floor Soda Hall
August 25 Laptop distribution begins (IT orientation on August 24 required) 395 Cory Hall
August 25 New Graduate Student Orientation (NGSO) Dwinelle Hall Lobby
August 26 First day of classes (Academic Calendar) Campuswide

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