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Capstone Projects

A unique and important feature of the Berkeley Masters of Engineering is the capstone project experience. You will join a team of 3-5 students and pursue a specific problem or opportunity that can be addressed by technology, and gain direct experience in applying the skills you learn in your leadership courses.

Past and current EECS capstone projects

Integrated Circuits

  • Compressed sensing (Marvell and Professor David Allstot)

Report guidelines

The Fung Institute and your capstone course staff will guide you through the leadership requirements and general guidelines for the project, while your capstone faculty advisor will guide you through the technical aspects of the project.

A few reminders in terms of general guidelines:

  • You must have two faculty readers for your final report. One of those faculty members must be from EECS.
  • All EECS students from one capstone project should have the same two faculty readers, even if the students are in different areas of concentration.

Filing guidelines

  • Produce an M.Eng. Plan II Title/Signature Page. The Fung Institute will provide the template for you.
  • 1 copy (including signature and abstract) uploaded to the EECS Department Website online submission form.
  • You must also submit to your Staff Graduate Advisor in 205 Cory Hall the following documents: (1) the signed signature page, and (2) a copy/printout of the abstract.