2. General Orientation

  1. The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
  2. Department Graduate Offices
  3. Chair, Associate Chair, and Vice Chair
  4. Graduate Study/Prelims/Awards Committee (Ph.D.)
  5. Campus Shared Services Team 2 (formerly ERSO)

  1. The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

    The Computer Science Division is semi-autonomous from The EECS Department. It consists of over 50 professors, about 250 graduate students and over 600 undergraduates who are split between the College of Letters and Science (L & S) and the College of Engineering (COE). CS is housed in Soda Hall.

    Electrical Engineering has about 70 professors, approximately 300 graduate students and about 500 undergraduates in the COE. EE is housed in Cory Hall. In this document, we use the EECS designation to refer to the department as a whole; EE or CS will be used to refer to policies that specifically apply to Electrical Engineering or Computer Science respectively.

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  2. Department Graduate Offices

    EECS is part of the College of Engineering. Within the department, there are two Graduate Offices: one in Cory Hall and the other in Soda Hall. While you are a student at Berkeley, and until you return to the world outside academia, you will be doing business with one of these two offices.

    Students are encouraged to turn to the staff available to them for any assistance regarding policies, procedures, or even personal issues.

    Executive Director, Center for Student Affairs
    Susanne Kauer, skauer@eecs
    221 Cory Hall, (510) 642-3694

    Director of Graduate Matters, Electrical Engineering (EE) Graduate Advisor
    Shirley Salanio, shirley@eecs
    217 Cory Hall, (510) 643-8347

    Computer Science (CS) Graduate Advisor
    Audrey Sillers, araya@eecs
    367 Soda Hall, (510) 642-9413

    Temporary CS Graduate Advisor
    EE Graduate Matters and CSA Special Projects

    Heather Levien, heather@eecs
    253B Cory Hall, (510) 642-3497

    Master's Programs (EECS & CS) Graduate Advisor
    Michael Sun, msun86@eecs
    205 Cory Hall, (510) 643-8107

    EE Graduate Admissions Officer
    Patrick Hernan, hernan@eecs
    205 Cory Hall, (510) 642-9265

    CS Graduate Admissions Officer
    Diana Smith, diana.smith@eecs
    205 Cory Hall, (510) 642-6285

    During the course of your student career here at Berkeley, you will need to fill out many forms and submit many petitions. We strongly recommend that you always bring your forms to your staff Graduate Advisor first, before proceeding to the Graduate Division or to the Office of the Registrar in Sproul Hall (the main campus administration building). The Graduate Adviser may be able to help you avoid a trip across campus. In any case, s/he needs to make copies of all forms, and can best help—should problems arise later—if s/he is kept "in the loop."

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  3. Chair, Associate Chair, and Vice Chair

    The Department Chair is appointed by the Chancellor, upon the recommendation of the Dean of the College of Engineering, after soliciting recommendations from the faculty of the Department. S/he serves at the discretion of the Chancellor. Department chairs are responsible for all Department business, including the appointment of the Vice-Chairs for Graduate Matters. Beginning Fall 2008, the Department Chairs appointed Graduate Matters Vice-Chairs for each Division, EE and CS. However, only one Vice-Chair will serve as the Department's official Head Graduate Adviser with the Graduate Division. Beginning in Fall 2011, there is also a Vice-Chair for Masters Programs.

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  4. Graduate Study/Prelims/Award Committee

    The Department Graduate Study/Prelims Committee is responsible for:

    • Reviewing and approving changes to the graduate curricula
    • Assigning faculty members to serve as examiners on departmental preliminary exams and overseeing the execution of those exams
    • Handling all appeals

    The Grad Vice Chair or Grad Admissions Co-Chair is an ex-officio member of this committee. Two students, representing the CS and EE graduate students, are involved in the Grad Study and Award meetings. The committee meets periodically when called by the Chair.

    The Student Awards Committee:

    • Meets periodically to evaluate graduate students who have been nominated for departmental awards, national awards, scholarships and fellowships
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  5. Campus Shared Services Team 2 (formerly known as ERSO)

    The The Campus Shared Services Team 2 provides all research administration support services for the faculty in the College of Engineering and for the Operation Research Units (ORU) housed in the College of Engineering. Combined, the unit supports nearly 350 faculty affiliated with 22 campus-wide departments, schools and colleges, with over $80 million in annual research expenditures, and an annual administrative operating budget of over $7 million.

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