Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

· What can I do to prepare my application to UC Berkeley?
· Does EECS accept applications for the Spring semester?
· Does the department have a supplemental application?
· Does the university accept three (3) year degrees?
· What are the minimum requirements to be considered for admission to a graduate program in EECS?
· My undergraduate degree is not in Electrical Engineering (EE) or Computer Science (CS). Can I still apply to a graduate program in EECS?
· Is it possible to apply to two departments?
· What are your degree options for admission?
· Do I need a Masters to apply for the Ph.D. program/Can I apply to the Ph.D. program directly?
· Do you have a separate application process for students who wish to transfer to your program from another university?
· Can I transfer credit from another university?
· If I already have a Masters of Science or a PhD can I apply to your program?
· Do you accept recommendation letters from industry/outside of academia?
· Do you accept more than three letters of recommendation?

· Do I need to pay the application fee?
· What is the departmental GRE code?
· Does the department require any GRE subject tests?
· If I take the GRE more than once, which scores do you consider?
· How important is the writing/verbal portion of the GRE?
· What is the departmental TOEFL code?
· Who needs to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores?
· What TOEFL or IELTS score do I need to be considered for admission?
· Can I submit test scores before I apply?
· Does the department require that I calculate and list my grade-point average (GPA) on the application?
· Does the department require applicants to contact faculty before submitting an application?
· Where do I send transcripts?
· What do I need to do to reactivate an old application?/What do I need to do to reapply?
· How do I apply for a Teaching or Research Assistantship (GSI or GSR)?
· What are the guidelines to submitting letters of recommendation?
· If I apply ON the deadline, will my recommenders be able to submit their letters in time for the review?
· When does the application review begin? Does the department have a rolling application process?
· How can I include papers I have written or a resume with my online application?
· How do I apply for a merit-based fellowship?
· Do I complete the online application's financial forms to apply for a fellowship if I chose a Masters of Science as my degree goal?
· Once I apply, how do I check the status of my application?
· When will I be notified whether I have been admitted?

· It is possible to add a degree once I am in the department?
· Is there a part-time option?
· Do you offer EECS courses or degree programs online?
· How long does it take to complete an M.S. degree? A Ph.D. degree? An M.Eng. degree? A MAS-IC degree?
· Where can I find the department degree requirements in detail?

· How much does your graduate program cost?
· What type of financial assistance is available for international students?
· Whom do I contact if I have a question that is not answered here?

Does EECS accept applications for the Spring semester?
Only the MAS-IC Program has spring admission. For all other programs, we ONLY offer admission for the Fall.
Does the department have a supplemental application?
No, we do not have a supplemental application for our graduate programs.
Does the university accept three (3) year degrees?
We accept some three-year Bologna Process bachelor-level degrees. The Graduate Division requires a bachelor-level honors degree from applicants from universities in Australia and New Zealand who have completed three-year degrees. We do not accept three years degrees from India.