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The following may be used as a guideline for obtaining the Masters of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. For complete details on requirements and procedures, see the EECS Graduate Handbook or the Masters Student Services Advisor (Breanne Tcheng, btcheng@eecs, 205 Cory Hall).

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Tips for Finding an Advisor

Peruse websites and publications to learn about faculty research interests and projects. Then discuss opportunities in office hours or by setting up a meeting (email usually works best, but use other means if you do not get a response). You may also consider starting a conversation about research with one of your instructors, perhaps during office hours or after a lecture. Seminars are another opportunity not only to learn about technology and science but also to meet fellow grad students who can tell you about their experience and introduce you to faculty they are working with. Many groups hold regular meetings where you can get to know team members and their projects. Ask a professor or one of his/her students if you may attend the group meeting. Contact your temporary advisor or Staff Graduate Advisor if you have questions or have not made contact with prospective thesis advisors by the end of the first semester. Inform Breanne Tcheng (btcheng@eecs) when you have found a permanent advisor and also if you change your advisor (yes, it happens and is OK).

When you have found a Research Advisor and no longer have a temporary one, you must notify Breanne Tcheng and the Infrastructure Development & Support Group (idsg-admin@eecs)to update the department records. No other forms or paperwork are required.

Advancement to Candidacy

How to...

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Plan I or Plan II?

Most EECS M.S. students submit a Plan II thesis report because of its flexibility. You can learn more by reading the Graduate Divisionís guide and/or the EECS Graduate Handbook under Degree Programs 5.2.6.

M.S. Thesis/Report

Filing Fee Status

If you need to use the Filing Fee option:

Filing Thesis/Report

Exit Survey & Graduation


Tech Report


Adding the MS in EECS or CS from another Department

Doctoral students in other departments at UC Berkeley may add the MS in EECS or CS to their degree goals. To do this, you need to submit a few forms, complete a research project with an EECS faculty member, and submit the final Plan I thesis or Plan II technical report before filing your PhD dissertation.

Submit the following forms/documents all together to Breanne Tcheng in 205 Cory Hall:

You should turn in these forms no later than the end of the second week of classes in the semester in which you plan to file your thesis/tech report.

Then, once your degree has officially been added, there are a few things you'll need to be part of the EECS department:

You can come see Breanne Tcheng in 205 Cory Hall with any questions, and she can help guide you to the appropriate resource. Welcome!

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