OS Prelim Information

- Spring 1997-

Summaries and other information are available from the fall 1996 OS prelim page. Also see the fall 1997 OS prelim page.


In spring 1997, the questions were:
  1. [Smith] What must an OS for a real-time system do differently than a conventional OS?
  2. [Brewer] What is a network computer, and what are its advantages over a PC? If there is a disk, what should it be used for? How would a typical large application (like Excel or Emacs) be run? How does Java fit in?
  3. [Smith] What support could the OS provide for conserving power on a laptop?
  4. [Brewer] What is wrong with RAID? (Small writes.) How has this problem been dealt with? (See Zebra and HP AutoRAID.)

Reading List

For each online paper, if there is already a stable copy in the cs.berkeley.edu domain, I just link to it. For more remote or less stable copies, I generally provide a link to a local copy, plus links to one or more remote pages (to show that I wasn't the first to put them on the web). I think copyright law allows me to make copies of papers for academic purposes. Access to local copies of papers is restricted to the cs.berkeley.edu domain. For papers available only as a hyperlinked tree of files, I don't provide a local copy.

For offline papers, the note "[RR]" indicates that the paper is available in the reading room (681 Soda). Please do not remove them from the reading room for more than a few minutes at a time (long enough to photocopy them), and put them back in the proper place.

The notes "[AMC]" provide links to summaries that I have written.

Undergraduate material

Concurrency, Scheduling and Synchronization

Communication: Local and Remote

File Systems

Virtual Memory


Distributed Systems

Transactions, Recovery, and Fault-Tolerance

Protection and Security

Operating System Structure

Specific Operating Systems

Removed from last semester's reading list:

Revealed Truth

Removed from last semester's reading list:

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