DB Prelims Reading List, 2006

UC Berkeley EECS

Papers tagged with [RDBS-4] are included in Readings in Database Systems, Fourth Edition. Papers tagged [RDBS-3] are not available in the Fourth Edition, but are available in the Third Edition.
  1. Undergraduate material: Database Management Systems, 3rd edition, Ramakrishnan/Gehrke.
  2. Relational roots:
  3. Data storage and access methods
  4. Query optimization
  5. Parallel query execution
  6. Transaction management
  7. Extensibility and Objects
  8. Semistructured data and XML
  9. Datalog and recursive queries
  10. Warehousing and decision support
  11. Data mining
  12. Triggers, sequences and data streams
  13. Internet Search \& Services
  14. Networked Query Processing
Optional notes on the above These may be of use in reading the required papers.