CS Faculty Emeriti

A list of faculty emeriti.

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   Elwyn R. Berlekamp
Professor Emeritus
   photo of Elwyn R. Berlekamp     berlek@math
Research Interests: Games and Codes

   Manuel Blum
Professor Emeritus
   photo of Manuel Blum     blum@cs
Research Interests: recursive function, cryptographic protocols, program checking

   Michael J. Clancy
Teaching Professor Emeritus
   photo of Michael J. Clancy     784 Soda Hall, 510-642-7017; clancy@cs
Research Interests: Education (EDUC), Computer science education: learning environments and activities
Education: 1971, B.S., Mathematics, University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana
Office Hours: by appointment, 784 Soda

   Richard J. Fateman
Professor Emeritus
   photo of Richard J. Fateman     441 Soda Hall, 510-847-2368; fateman@cs
Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence (AI); Scientific Computing (SCI), Computer algebra systems; Programming environments and systems; Programming languages and compilers; Symbolic mathematical computation; Document image analysis, multimodal input of mathematics
Office Hours: BY APPT, 441 Soda

   Jerome A. Feldman
Professor Emeritus
   photo of Jerome A. Feldman     739 Soda Hall, 510-666-2900; jfeldman@cs
Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence (AI); Biosystems & Computational Biology (BIO); Security (SEC); cognitive science

   Domenico Ferrari
Professor Emeritus
   photo of Domenico Ferrari    
Research Interests: UC Berkeley Unix Project, high-speed network testbeds and the design of real-time communication services and network protocols for multimedia traffic

   Susan L. Graham
Professor Emerita
   photo of Susan L. Graham     771 Soda Hall, 510-642-2059; graham@cs
Research Interests: Graphics (GR); Human-Computer Interaction (HCI); Programming Systems (PS); Scientific Computing (SCI); Software development environments, software engineering
Office Hours: by appointment, 771 Soda

   Michael A. Harrison
Professor Emeritus
   photo of Michael A. Harrison     441 Soda Hall, 510-642-1469; harrison@cs
Research Interests: Multimedia; User interfaces; Software environments
Office Hours: M 1-3 & by appointment

   Brian K. Harvey
Teaching Professor Emeritus
   photo of Brian K. Harvey     784 Soda Hall, 510-642-8311; bh@cs
Research Interests: Education (EDUC)
Office Hours: by appointment, 784 Soda

   William M. Kahan
Professor Emeritus
   photo of William M. Kahan     513 Soda Hall, 510-642-5638; wkahan@cs
Research Interests: Computer Architecture & Engineering (ARC); Scientific Computing (SCI); Computer architecture; Scientific computing; Numerical analysis
Office Hours: Irregular- phone for app't

   Beresford N. Parlett
Professor Emeritus
   photo of Beresford N. Parlett     799 Evans Hall;

   David A. Patterson
Professor Emeritus, Professor in the Graduate School
   photo of David A. Patterson     579 Soda Hall, 642-6587; pattrsn@eecs
Research Interests: Computer Architecture & Engineering (ARC), Computer Architecture and Systems: Parallel Computing performance, correctness, productivity; Biosystems & Computational Biology (BIO), Cancer tumor genomics; Operating Systems & Networking (OSNT)
Office Hours: Thu., 1-2 PM, 579 Soda
Assistants: Boban Zarkovich, 465A Soda, 643-0264, boban@eecs

   Lawrence A. Rowe
Professor Emeritus
   photo of Lawrence A. Rowe     rowe@eecs
Research Interests: Multimedia Technology

   Carlo H. Séquin
Professor Emeritus, Professor in the Graduate School
   photo of Carlo H. Séquin     639 Soda Hall, 510-642-5103; sequin@cs
Research Interests: Geometric modeling, Artistic geometry, Mathematical visualizations.; Graphics (GR); Human-Computer Interaction (HCI); CAD tools
Office Hours: see homepage for currently valid time slots, 639 Soda

   Alan J. Smith
Professor Emeritus
   photo of Alan J. Smith     192 Soda Hall, 510-642-5290; smith@eecs
Research Interests: Computer Architecture & Engineering (ARC); Operating Systems & Networking (OSNT); Computer System Performance Analysis, I/O Systems, Cache Memories, Memory Systems
Office Hours: by appointment only - send email or call, 192 Soda

   Michael Stonebraker
Professor Emeritus
   photo of Michael Stonebraker    
Research Interests: Database Technology

   Lotfi A. Zadeh
Professor Emeritus
   photo of Lotfi A. Zadeh     443 Soda Hall, 510-642-4959; zadeh@eecs
Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence (AI); Control, Intelligent Systems, and Robotics (CIR); soft computing, knowledge-based systems
Assistants: Ixel Chavez, 510-642-8271, flaca@eecs

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