EECS Diversity Activities, Spring 2010

Wednesday, May 12: 6pm to 9:30 pm
Anita Borg Institute: Women of Vision
Mission City Ballroom, Santa Clara Convention Center
5001 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Tuesday, May 11, 5pm-6:15 pm
IBM Almaden Research Center Speaker: Terry Davis
Opportunities for Doctoral Students
521 Cory Hall, Hogan Room

Tuesday, May 11, Noon to 3 pm.
IBM Almaden Research Center Speaker: Terry Davis
IBM Almaden Research Center Speaker: Terry Davis
STEM Diversity ACTION Meeting
4110 VLSB has been reserved for the May 11, 12:00 meeting till 3pm.

Saturday, May 8 9 am to 5 WICSE Outreach
Girl Scouts of America Girls go Tech
Golden Gate Park

Friday, May 7, Noon
Final Lunch Celebrating WICSE Graduates
Wozniak Lounge

Friday, April 30, 8-11pm
End of the Year Celebration
WICSE Fancy Cocktail Evening.
Five Hotel/Restaurant

Friday, April 16, Noon
WICSE Lockheed Martin lunch with LMCO Speakers
Wozniak Lounge

Friday, April 23
WICSE Mentoring Lunch with EECS Undergrads

Friday, April 2, Noon
WICSE Lunch: Speaker: Professor Dawn Song

Saturday, March 20
WICSE Pre-College Outreach
Expanding Your Horizons
Mills College
WICSE workshop on Scratch

Monday, March 15, 8 to 9 am
WICSE Breakfast for Admitted Women
Wozniak Lounge

Friday, February 19
WICSE Intel Lunch
Intel Speaker: Leigh Weisshaupt

Friday, January 20
Speaker: Professor Susan Graham

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