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Public Parking

Lower Hearst Parking Structure

The closest public parking to Cory Hall is on LEVEL 2 of the Lower Hearst Parking Structure. It's located on the corner of Hearst Ave and Euclid. These spaces will be utilized to accommodate campus patrons who need parking for limited periods of time, rather than all day. No permit is required to utilize this paid parking.

Center Street Garage

Public parking provided by the City of Berkeley is located at 2025 Center Street between Shattuck and Milvia Street. To get to Cory and Soda Halls from the garage, walk to the UC shuttle stop at the north-east corner of Center and Shattuck, and take the blue-and-white shuttle to the Cory Hall stop (at the corner of Hearst and Gayley/La Loma). Soda Hall is the green tiled building located across the street.

Cost: 1hr = $1, 2hrs = $3, 3hrs = $6, 4hrs = $10, over 5hrs = $15

Student Union Garage

A campus garage for visitors is located on Bancroft Avenue just below the intersection of Telegraph Avenue. The garage charges by the hour and it is best to arrive by 9 a.m. to insure a place. Enter the garage by the driveway on the right hand side as you go down Bancroft Way towards Oxford Avenue. The garage is located directly below the ASUC Student Center.

It takes about 15 minutes to walk from the ASUC to Cory or Soda Hall. See the campus map for directions.

Metered Parking

One- and two-hour meters are located on city streets around campus. Usually these are difficult to find, and does not allow you enough time for your campus visit. Meters take quarters and nickels only.

Campus Parking Maps

Parking for the Disabled

There is disabled parking behind Cory Hall, near Bechtel Engineering Center, and in the Virus Lot (in front of Stanley Hall). Please be aware that the spaces near Bechtel Engineering Center are reserved for specific persons and cannot be used during certain hours. For more information about accessible parking on campus, please see UC Berkeley Parking and Transportation Disability Access Information.

Permit Parking

Your EECS host should contact the Front Desk Coordinator in either Soda (2-1042) or Cory Hall (2-3214) and request a parking permit.

A permit is good for one car per day in UCB-designated visitor parking zones; your host pays for the permit from a designated account.

There are two types of Invited Guest permits. They are both daily scratch-off hangtags. Each permit is valid for one day only, and is activated by clearly scratching off the date of use.

If you have been invited to visit the University by the department and have been told to pick up a parking pass and park on campus, follow the directions to the Hearst/Gayley intersection as described in the directions for locating Cory Hall or Soda Hall. The closest parking structure is the Upper Hearst Parking Structure across the street from Cory Hall. It is located at the corner of Hearst and Gayley (which becomes La Loma after the intersection). See a Map of the Hearst Parking Structure Entrances.

Night/Weekend Permits for Full-time Graduate Student Researchers (GSRs)

Registered, full-time Graduate Student Researchers may acquire discounted permits for night and weekend parking at the Upper Hearst structure. To do this, pick-up a memo from the hiring unit, typically ERSO in 199M Cory, and take it to the parking office to receive your permit.

Campus Permits

  Map and Directions