EE 194. Power Systems Engineering


This course offers an introduction to Power Engineering from the Systems point of view. Topics covered include: modeling of generation, transmission, and distribution systems, load flow analysis, fault detection, steady-state and transient stability. We will treat modern market operations and dispatch. Finally, we will study intermittent controllable renewable power sources from the context of modeling, the roles of storage technologies, and market mechanisms for deep integration.

Prerequisites: EE 20n and 40 or EE 42/100

Topics covered:

  • complex power, phasors, balanced three phase
  • generator models
  • transformers and per-unit system
  • transmission line parameters
  • steady state operation of transmission lines
  • the power flow problem
  • symmetrical faults
  • power system controls
  • economic operation of power systems
  • optimal power flow
  • deregulation and restructuring
  • steady-state stability
  • transient stability
  • renewable integration
  • storage
  • demand response

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