EE 1. EECS: The First Course


Catalog Description: (2 units) Introduction to engineering concepts and techniques in general, and to forefront topics in electrical engineering and computer sciences in particular, involving hands-on experimentation, lectures, demonstrations, readings, and practice with written and oral communication. Course intended for first-year undergraduates.

Prerequisites: None.

Course objectives: This course is intended to introduce basic techniques and principles of electrical engineering as preparation for subsequent EE courses.

Topics covered:

On Being an Engineer
Essays and advice about some of the less technical aspects of engineering, such as modeling, design, technical writing, and the conduct of a large research project and the roles that are played in such a project by the specialties within EECS. In addition, there are a number of very brief technical articles about interesting technical developments. This section also contains some homework exercises.
Electronics, with Water Models:
The goal is to help the student develop a primarily physical, intuitive understanding of electronic components and devices, alternating currents, semiconductors, op-amps, and digital devices. Basic laws are introduced, and hydraulic models for each device are described in order to help one understand how the devices work. This section also contains homework exercises.

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