CS 61CL/61C. Great Ideas of Computer Architecture (Formerly Machine Structure)

Current Schedule (Fall 2016)


Starting this semester, Fall 2010, we are reinventing CS61C, starting with a blank page as to what makes sense to teach of computer architecture and hardware in 2010 that will give a solid foundation on the topic on which to build that should last for decades.

Rather the be something of a catch-all, as in the past, the goal is to learn the great ideas of computer design and implementation:

The idea is to go over the big ideas at a higher level in the first two-thirds of the course, and then go back in more depth in the last third of the course.

We use a running example through the whole course to illustrate the ideas, and will be the basis of a programming contest in the last third of the course to see who can make the fastest version running on the latest multicore hardware.

We use the C programming language and MIPS assembly language to demonstrate these great ideas. The course closely follows the Patterson and Hennessy textbook supplemented by material on the C programming language. A sample week-by-week outline follows.

Coursework will involve weekly two-hour in-laboratory exercises designed to learn the big ideas by doing experiments.

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