EE 241A. Introduction to Digital Integrated Circuits

Current Schedule (Fall 2015)


Catalog Description: (4 units) CMOS devices and deep sub-micron manufacturing technology. CMOS inverters and complex gates. Modeling of interconnect wires. Optimization of designs with respect to a number of metrics: cost, reliability, performance, and power dissipation. Sequential circuits, timing considerations, and clocking approaches. Design of large system blocks, including arithmetic, interconnect, memories, and programmable logic arrays. Introduction to design methodologies, including hands-on-experience.

Prerequisites: EECS 40; EE 105 and EECS 150 recommended.

Course objectives: This course covers the electrical characteristics of digital integrated circuits. Students will learn how to find the logic levels, noise margins, power consumption, and propagation delays of digital integrated circuits based on scaled CMOS technologies.

Topics covered:

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