EECS Joint Colloquium

Wednesday, October 20, 1999

4:00-5:00 p.m.

Hewlett Packard Auditorium, 306 Soda Hall

Current Department Research Presentation Series

"Integrated Circuits/Communications" and "Human/Computer Interaction/Graphics"

Profs. Robert Brodersen and John Canny, EECS

Professor Robert Brodersen

Integrated Circuits/Communications


The Integrated Circuits area of research encompasses digital (low power, reconfigurability, interconnects) and analog (RF, interface, sensor integration) circuit design. The Communications research area involves the coupling of information and communication, theoretic with network protocols, wireless with multi-antennas/multi-users, turbo-codes (analysis of this recent information theory breakthrough), embedded software, link capacity (modulation, coding, coordination with source coding and protocols), multi-user capacity (space-time coding and antennas, multi-user detection, multiple access), and rethinking cellular. I will discuss our research vision in these areas.

Professor John Canny

Human/Computer Interaction/Graphics


Improving Human-computer interaction is one of the grand challenges for computing today (PITAC, ECI reports). HCI improvements enabled computing to reach the masses: GUI and desktop metaphor, spreadsheets, WYSIWYG editing/desktop publishing, and graphical HTML browsers. Future advances will create a level playing field in the information age. Graphics had early successes in mechanical CAD and 2D drawing. A healthy chunk of mainstream software (games, educational) are multimedia- or 3D graphics- based. The film industry (arguably America's largest export) is going digital. Both industries have benefited heavily from academic graphics/MM research.