Joint Colloquium Distinguished Lecture Series

Patterns in Software

photo of Ralph Johnson Wednesday, November 19, 2008
306 Soda Hall (HP Auditorium)
4:00 - 5:00 pm

Ralph Johnson
Research Associate Professor
University of Illinois


Design Patterns was published 13 years ago, and it has had a big impact on the software industry. Partly this was good timing, but it also provided something that the industry needed. Many of us think that patterns can also help industry adopt parallel programming. I'll discuss what we learned from design patterns, and what that says about parallel programming patterns.


Ralph Johnson is Research Associate Professor at the University of Illinois and one of the four co-authors of Design Patterns. He has worked on object-oriented frameworks for operating systems, code generators, insurance, drawing editors, telephone billing, hedge fund back-offices, and music synthesis. His group was the first to use the word "refactoring" in print and the first to make an automated refactoring tool (the Smalltalk Refactoring Browser). He has been to every OOPSLA (since 1986) and every PLOP (Patterns Languages of Programming, since 1994).

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